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Texas Solar Energy Society

Texas Solar Energy Society

The Texas Solar Energy Society is dedicated to educating the public about the use of solar and other renewable energy technologies. Our membership includes educators, engineers, researchers, students, bankers, electrical contractors, architects, builders, building inspectors, home owners and solar enthusiasts.

TXSES members use, and implement renewable energy and do research and projects in many areas:

  • Passive solar building
  • Electric vehicles
  • Solar thermal power generation
  • Wind-powered electricity
  • Natural lighting for buildings
  • Electricity generation with photovoltaic panels
  • Energy efficiency
  • Solar radiation resources assessment
  • Renewable and general energy education
  • Biomass utilization
  • Solar thermal applications
The Texas Solar Energy Society is a non-profit organization open to anyone with an interest in renewable energy. It is dedicated to increasing awareness of the uses and benefits of solar and other renewable energy sources. The Society publishes a quarterly newsletter and engages in educational projects and conferences.

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