Clean Technology 2010

Sustainable Industries


Symposium & Topics

Best Practices: Efficiencies, Building, Fleet, Waste, Emissions, Water Use, Supply Chain, Incentives, Best Practices
Green Chemistry: Water Use, Haz Chem Reduction, Green Reagents, Green Feedstocks, Synthesis & Process Efficiency, Biodegradable & Recyclable Materials, Waste Chem Capture, Reuse, Disposal, Market Overview
Green Building & Construction: Green Architecture, Coatings, Materials, BIPV, Lighting, HVAC, Electricity Management, Water Management, LEED Certification, Policy, Incentives, ROI
Transportation: State of Innovation, State of Markets, Electric & Hybrid Realities, Alternative Fuels, Hydrogen, Ethanol, Biodiesel, Natural Gas, EVs, PHEVs, Emission Reduction, Materials, Efficiencies, Emission Reduction, System Design, Engine Design
Waste, Emissions, Remediation: Recycling, Pollution Abatement, Materials Capture & Reuse, Industrial CO2 Reduction & Management, Environmental Policies, Administrative Waste, Waste Markets, Site assessment, monitoring, regulations, bioremediation, bioventing, solubilization, in situ oxidation, soil vapor extraction

Track Committee

George Maracas, Arizona State University
Peter Adrieans, University of Michigan
Terrence Collins, Carnegie Mellon University
Maria Vittoria Diamanti, Politecnico di Milano
George Elvin, Green Tech Forum
Brian Johnston, Eastman Kodak
Stephen Lasher, TIAX LLC
Tim Marbach, California State University of Sacramento
Rosibel Ochoa, University of California, San Diego
Joseph Ostafi, HOK
Edward Rosenberg, University of Montana
Mark Smallwood, Whole Foods Market
Shyam Venkatesh, National Industrial Cluster Development Program of Saudi Arabia
Jin Zhang, UC Santa Cruz

Track Sessions

Tuesday June 22

8:15 TechConnect World Welcome and Keynotes
9:00 Transformational Techonlogy Visions, Keynote-Forum
10:30 Designing Sustainable Cities
1:30 Creating the Smart Building
1:30 Six months since Copenhagen: Global & US Climate Policy Update
1:30 Utility Technology Challenge
2:30 Cleantech Coffee Break
3:00 Policies & Financing for Sustainable Cities
3:00 Water Energy Nexus
3:00 Carbon Capture and Power Generation
3:30 Utility Technology Challenge
4:30 Green Building & Grid
4:00 Poster Session and TechConnect Expo (4:00 - 6:00)
 Green Chemistry

Wednesday June 23

8:30 Technology & Finance for Smart Grid: Keynote Panel
10:00 Networking Coffee Break
10:30 Clean Cities Case Studies
12:00 Expo Hall Opens - Lunch (available for purchase in Expo Hall)
1:30 Water Cleantech: Membrane, Purification & Desal
1:30 Sustainable Cities Management & Assessment: Tools, technologies, systems
1:30 Technology Innovations for Efficiency & Emissions Reductions
3:30 Managing Peak Power - renewables, smart grid & demand management
4:00 Poster Session and TechConnect Expo Reception (4:00 - 6:00) - Expo Hall
 Green Building & Construction
 Sustainable Cities & Communities
 Waste, Emissions, Remediation
6:00 TechConnect Innovation Showcase Reception (6:00 - 8:00) - Ballroom 3rd Floor

Thursday June 24

8:30 Cleantech Keynotes
9:00 Cleantech Keynote Panel: Hottest clean technologies for VCs - who will they fund next?
10:00 TechConnect Innovation Showcase Coffee Break - Ballroom 3rd Floor
10:30 FutureH2O: Drinking/Waste Water Infrastructure
10:30 Creating Infrastructure for EV
10:30 Energy Efficiency and Green Building Case Studies
12:00 Lunch (TechConnect Innovation Showcase - Ballroom BC, lunch for purchase)
3:00 TechConnect Ventures: Cleantech Materials, Chemicals & Processes
1:30 Polymer Nanotech: Green Chemistry
1:30 FutureH2O: Water Storage & Supply Infrastructure
3:00 Break
3:30 Natural Nanocomposites
5:00 TechConnect Investment Networking Reception - Second Floor

Track Program

Tuesday June 22

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8:15TechConnect World Welcome and KeynotesBallrooms ABCD
Session chair: Patti Glaza, CTSI, US
8:15Welcome - TechConnect World
P. Glaza, Clean Technology & Sustainable Industries Organization, US
8:30Global sustainability and technology surprise
J. Kohlhaas, Lockheed Martin, US
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9:00Transformational Techonlogy Visions, Keynote-ForumBallrooms ABCD
Session chair: Patti Glaza, CTSI, US
9:00M. Urban, University of Southern Mississippi, US
9:15A. Stieg, University of California Los Angeles, US
9:30J. Heath, California Institute of Technology, US
9:45D. Paul, University of Southern California Energy Institute, US
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10:30Designing Sustainable CitiesRoom 202 B
Session chair: Fred Smoller, Brandman University, US
-J. Wolch, University of California, Berkeley, US
-J. Ricks, SDG&E, US
-D. Klapsis, Studiodnk/USGBC, US
-G. Goldberg, City of Los Angeles, US
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1:30Creating the Smart BuildingRoom 202 A
Session chair: Dimitri Klapsis, Studiodnk/USGBC
-D. Fogal, Honeywell Building Solutions, US
-M. Graham, EnOcean Alliance, US
-B. Dixon, Siemens Building Technologies, US
-F. Austin, Phillips, US
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1:30Six months since Copenhagen: Global & US Climate Policy UpdateRoom 204 A
Session chair: Lisa Hodes, The Gold Standard, US
-S. Venkataraman, Standard Bank, UK
-W. Thomas, Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP, US
-A. Sarac, EcoSecurities, UK
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1:30Utility Technology ChallengeRoom 204 C
Session chair: Patti Glaza, CTSI, US
1:30PRD Tech, Inc.
R. Govind, PRD Tech, Inc., US
1:45Parker Hannifin Corporation
D. Thompson, Parker Hannifin Corporation, US
2:00E3 Greentech Enterprises, Inc.
E. Smith, E3 Greentech Enterprises, Inc., US
2:15Air Products & Chemicals, Inc.
R. Vero, Air Products & Chemicals, Inc., US
A. Deyonker, eMeter, US
2:45Rainforest Automation
C. Tumpach, Rainforest Automation, Canada
3:00Ballard Power Systems, Inc.
K. Kassam, Ballard Power Systems, Inc., Canada
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2:30Cleantech Coffee BreakFoyer 2nd Floor
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3:00Policies & Financing for Sustainable CitiesRoom 202 B
Session chair: Gail Golberg, City of Los Angeles, US
-B. Hooper, City & County of San Francisco, US
-W. Anderson, City of San Diego, US
-E. Drummond, Former Mayor of Manitou Springs, CO, US
-A. Klemm, City of Huntington Beach, US
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3:00Water Energy NexusRoom 203 AB
Session chair: Mike Hightower, Sandia National Labs, US
-S. Chaudhry, California Energy Commission, US
-D. Henderson, XPV Capital, US
-M. Ambrose, East Bay Municipal Utility District, US
-R. Dizy, Sempa Power, US
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3:00Carbon Capture and Power GenerationRoom 202 A
Session chair: Daniel Laird, Sandia National Lab, US
3:00State-of-the-Art Clean Coal Power and Technology Options for CO2 Capture
S. Wu, Hitachi Power Systems America, Ltd., US
3:20Nanostructured Photocatalytic Approach to CO2 Conversion
G. Corti, T. Cantrell, M. Beaux, T. Prakash, D.N. McIlroy, M.G. Norton, GoNano Technologies, US
3:40Economic and Job Impacts of Increased Efficiency in Existing Coal-Fired Power Plants
R.H. Bezdek, R.M. Wendling, MISI, US
4:00Development of a New Experimental Tool To Identify CO2 Absorption Parameters in Aqueous Amine Solutions
C. Wylock, S. Dehaeck, E. Boulay, P. Colinet, B. Haut, Université Libre de Bruxelles, BE
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3:30Utility Technology ChallengeRoom 204 C
Session chair: Patti Glaza, CTSI, US
3:30Ener-G-Rotors, Inc.
M. Newell, Ener-G-Rotors, Inc., US
3:45Enmetric Systems, Inc.
J. Masters, Enmetric Systems, Inc., US
4:00EchoGen Power Systems, Inc.
M. Persichilli, EchoGen Power Systems, Inc., US
4:15PVT Solar, Inc.
R. Narayanamurthy, PVT Solar, Inc., US
4:30Grid Manager A/S
M. Birkelund, Grid Manager A/S, DK
4:45Prism Solar Technologies
J. Barry, Prism Solar Technologies, US
N. Isreal, Envirock, US
5:15QM Power
P. Piper, QM Power, US
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4:30Green Building & GridExpo Theater 1
Session chair: George Elvin, Green Tech Forum, US
4:30SITUMBRA – A new concept in energy efficient building façade systems
4:45Green Technology and Emergency Preparedness: Code compliance and innovation with photoluminescent technology
J. Burke, Safe Glow Corporation, US
5:00Consumers and the Smart Grid – How can we succeed?
P. Nagel, Control4, US
5:15Creating a smart grid and vitrual power plant with the PowerRouter
F.C. Smits, Nedap N.V., NL
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4:00Poster Session and TechConnect Expo (4:00 - 6:00)Expo Hall
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Green ChemistryExpo Hall
-Superhydrophobic Surfaces by Supercritical Fluid Technology
Å. Ek, C. Turner, O. Werner, L. Wågberg, SweTree Technologies, SE
-Environmentally benign catalytic hydroxylation of benzene using metal-coordination polymers
H.S. Abbo, S.J.J. Titinchi, University of the Western Cape, ZA
-Method of Liquid Inactivation by Supercritical Ozone
H.C. Ma, F.C. Yu, C.C. Liang, C.F. Wang, M.J. Kao, B.N. Chuang, Industrial Technology Research Institute, TW
-Influence of High Temperature on a water rich hybrid stationary phases
L. Alkhateeb, R.M. Smith, King Abdual Aziz University, SA
-The study of using glycidyl methacrylate grafted natural rubber as an impact modifier of polylactic acid
P. Juntuek, C. Ruksakulpiwat, P. humsamrong, Y. Ruksakulpiwat, Suranaree University of Technology, TH
-A noble affinity material for peptide and protein
S. Chakraborty, K.-S Lin, D.-F Tai, national dong-hwa university, TW
-Nanobrush Structured Oligo(epsilon-caprolactone) as a Novel Plasticizer for the Manufacture of Eco-friendly Poly(vinyl chloride)
W.H. Choi, S-Y Kwak, Seoul National University, KR
-Mechanical Properties of PLA-Jute Composites by Using Natural Rubber and Epoxidized Natural Rubber as Impact Modifiers : Effect of Molding Technique
Y. Ruksakulpiwat, P. Tonimit, J. Kluengsamrong, Suranaree University of Technology, TH
-Synthsis of Some new bistriazolidine derivatives for biological interest
A.S. Yanni, Assiut university, EG

Wednesday June 23

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8:30Technology & Finance for Smart Grid: Keynote PanelRoom 204 BC
Session chair: Paul Dickerson, Haynes & Boone, US
-J. Silva, On-Ramp Wireless, Inc., US
-M. Breen, Xtreme Power, US
-D. Wood, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, US
-M. Montoya, Southern California Edison, US
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10:00Networking Coffee BreakFoyer 2nd Floor
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10:30Clean Cities Case StudiesRoom 203 B
Session chair: Jacques Chirazi, Economic Development Coordinator, City of San Diego, US
10:30CleanTECH Collaboration: San Diego’s Solar Success
L. Bicker, Clean Tech San Diego, US
10:55CleanTech OC: promoting economic growth in the Orange County clean tech industry
M. Pulido and M. Levin, City of Santa Ana /Bryan Caves LLP, US
11:20The Pecan Street Project
I. Dietrich, Pecan Street Project, Inc., US
11:45The Über Consumer: Local Government’s Role in Stimulating the Clean Tech Economy
L. Pratt, City of San Diego, US
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12:00Expo Hall Opens - Lunch (available for purchase in Expo Hall)Expo Hall
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1:30Water Cleantech: Membrane, Purification & DesalRoom 204 C
Session chair: Shushana Castle, Clinton Climate Initiative/Millennium Water Alliance
1:30Analysis of Membrane Filtration Efficiency in Removal of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles from Aqueous Nanoparticle Suspension in the Presence of Coagulation Pretreatment
S. Surawanvijit, M. Kim, Y. Cohen, University of California, Los Angeles, US
1:50New UV Technology for Point-of-Use Water Disinfection
Y. Bilenko, I. Shturm, O. Bilenko, M. Shatalov, R. Gaska, Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc., US
2:10Functional polymer hydrogels for water purification applications
Y. Liu, State University of New York at Stony Brook, US
2:30Innovative Cost-effective Pre-treatment for Desalination
M.H. Lean, J. Seo, A. Kole, A.R. Volkel, N. Chang, B. Hsieh, K. Melde, Palo Alto Research Center, US
2:50Ion Rejection Properties of Nanofiltration Membranes With Inhomogeneous Charge Distribution
A. Szymczyk, H. Zhu, B. Balannec, University of Rennes, FR
3:10Heterogeneous Photo-Fenton Oxidation on Nanosized Pt/Perovskites as Clean and Efficient Process for Organic Pollutants Removal from Wastewater
D. Sannino, L.A. Isupova, P. Ciambelli, University of Salerno, IT
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1:30Sustainable Cities Management & Assessment: Tools, technologies, systemsRoom 202 A
Session chair: Linda Giannelli Pratt, City of San Diego, US
-S. Parry, City of Santa Monica, US
-R. Vos, USC Center for Sustainable Cities, US
-U. Schmidt, City of Pasadena, US
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1:30Technology Innovations for Efficiency & Emissions ReductionsRoom 203 B
Session chair: Wayne Gears, CAMG, US
1:30The Importance of Energy Efficiency
W. Gears, CAMG, US
1:40Incubating Clean Tech
J. Milanette, PortTech LA, US
2:00Hybrid Power for Efficiency & Emissions Reductions
D. Kazarinoff, Eaton Corp., US
2:20Joint Technology Initiative Clean Sky – The European Program Towards Ecologically Compatible Air Transportation
E. Kaulfersch, S. Rzepka, B. Michel, Fraunhofer ENAS, DE
2:40Crossborder Technologies
T. Millang, Crossborders, SE
3:00LEHR’s Contribution to Improving our Nation’s Air Quality
B. Herzer, Lehr Incorporated, US
3:20Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting through Integrated Business Solutions
D. Smith, Village Green Global, Inc., US
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3:30Managing Peak Power - renewables, smart grid & demand managementRoom 204 A
Session chair: Greg Trimarche Bryan Cave LLC, US
-D. Meyers, EnerNOC, US
-G. Troposa, Ice Energy, US
-R. Hledik, The Brattle Group, US
-M. Lane, RTP Controls, US
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4:00Poster Session and TechConnect Expo Reception (4:00 - 6:00) - Expo HallExpo Hall
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Green Building & ConstructionExpo Hall
-A Study on Design Technologies and load analysis for Sustainable Army Barracks
-Clean Technology Requires a Systems Approach
D. Kralj, DAVORIN KRALJ s.p./Faculty og Management Koper, SI
-Green Building visions in historical Arab cities, case study of Al-Jazirah Al-Hamrah-Northern UAE
A. Al-Farraj, UAE University, AE
-Built environment: relating the benefits of renewable energy technologies
A.M. Omer, Energy Research Institute (ERI), UK
-Smart windows” transition metal oxide films: technology and electrochromic device performance
K.A. Gesheva, T. Ivanova, M. Kozlov, S. Bojadjiev, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, BG
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Sustainable Cities & CommunitiesExpo Hall
-A Barn Raising in the Creative Core Region: Sustainable Region Case Study
T. Auricchio, K. Sharma, Nectar Partners, US
-Manifattura: The Making of an Italian Green Technology Park
C. Ratti, G. Salvatori, B. Martin, Manifattura Domani, IT
-Central New York State (the Creative Core), mapping the geographic and networking activities of a Sustainable Region
T. Auricchio, P. Rankhambe, K. Sharma, Nectar Partners, US
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TransportationExpo Hall
-Measuring Degradation Processes of Model Coatings Related to Bioenergy Applications
M.C. Dixon, A. Oom, Q-Sense a Division of Biolin Scientific, US
-Design of a Dry Borohydride/Peroxide Fuel Cell for Robotic Vehicles
G.H. Miley, N. Luo, K-J Kim, X. Yang, A.S. Ved, University of Illinois, US
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Waste, Emissions, RemediationExpo Hall
-Development of A Novel Electrostatic Precipitator Using Carbon fiber Unipolar Ionizers and Dielectric Collection Plates and Its Removal of Ultrafine Particles
H.J. Kim, B. Han, W.S. Oh, T. Oda, Y.J. Kim, Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials, KR
-Using liquors from the wet oxidation of biomass for denitrification and methane generation
P.J. Strong, D. Gapes, B. McDonald, Scion, NZ
-Antibiocorrosive Woods and Plastics Nanomaterials :Arsonium triiodides and Silicon Organic matrix
R.-A. Khan, R. Sharma, Manav Rachna International University, IN
-Ion Characteristics and Electrostatic Removal of Ultrafine Particles in High Temperature CO2 Enriched Conditions
B. Han, H.-J. Kim, D.-K. Song, W.-S. Hong, W.-H. Shin, S.-H. Jeong, Y.-J. Kim, Korea Institute of Machninery and Materials, KR
-Biofilm Floc Nanostructures in Biological Wastewater Treatment in Fisheries
B.D. Shriniwas, R. Sharma, RTM University of Nagpur, IN
-Role of Nanoelements in Green Microalgae Growth in Fish Aquarium
B.D. Shriniwas, R. Sharma, RTM University of Nagpur, IN
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6:00TechConnect Innovation Showcase Reception (6:00 - 8:00) - Ballroom 3rd FloorBallroom BC

Thursday June 24

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8:30Cleantech KeynotesBallroom A
Session chair: Patti Glaza, CTSI, US
8:30Commercialization Programs at ARPA-E
S.J. Wagle, ARPA-E, US
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9:00Cleantech Keynote Panel: Hottest clean technologies for VCs - who will they fund next?Ballroom A
Session chair: Andrew Heckler, Brightfield Energy, US
-S. Goldberg, Venrock, US
-D. Malkani, RockPort Capital Partners, US
-A. Wong, D.E. Shaw & Co., L.P., US
-D. Dreesen, Battery Ventures, US
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10:00TechConnect Innovation Showcase Coffee Break - Ballroom 3rd FloorBallroom BC
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10:30FutureH2O: Drinking/Waste Water InfrastructureRoom 204 C
Session chair: Angela Adams, Beureau of Reclamation, US
10:30Optimizing Dual Conjunctive Water Supply and Reuse Systems with Distributed Treatment for High-growth Water-scarce Regions
K. Lansey, University of Arizona, US
10:50Applications for Sensor Networks in Drinking and Waste Water Treatment
J. Weiss, Dust Networks, US
11:10Neighborhood/Individual Water Reuse Systems & Practices, as Utilized in Los Angeles and New York
V. Nelson, Coaltion for Alternative Wasteater Treatment, US
11:30Condition Report on Water Treatment Infrastructure - the ASCE Infrastructure Report Card
D. Jacobson, Jacobson-Satchell Consultants, US
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10:30Creating Infrastructure for EVRoom 204 A
Session chair: Alex Kim, SGD&E, US
-M. Duval, EPRI, US
-M. Nicholas, UC Davis, US
-D. Karner, eTec, US
-J. Pointon, SGG&E, US
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10:30Energy Efficiency and Green Building Case StudiesRoom 207 A
10:30Efficiency’s Last Frontier: Reflective Building Surfaces
H.C. Wiig, State of Hawaii Energy Office, US
10:50The Clean Energy Landscape- Linking Cyberspace with Real World Impact
A. Wise, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, US
11:10Study Evidence That Sustainable Design Practices Help Manufacturing Companies Increase Profits and Growth
S. Krasley, Autodesk, Inc., US
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12:00Lunch (TechConnect Innovation Showcase - Ballroom BC, lunch for purchase)Ballroom BC
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3:00TechConnect Ventures: Cleantech Materials, Chemicals & ProcessesRoom 207 B
Session chair: David Novak, Inventis Group, US
3:00ChemGreen Innovation Inc
M.N. Farooqi, ChemGreen Innovation Inc., CA
3:10GoNano Technologies
T. Kinkeade, GoNano Technologies, US
3:20MicroGREEN Polymers Inc
T. Malone, MicroGREEN Polymers Inc., US
3:30New Sky Energy
D. Little, New Sky Energy, US
3:40GraphicPak Corporation
J. Antongiovanni, GraphicPak Corporation, US
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1:30Polymer Nanotech: Green ChemistryRoom 210 B
Session chair: Chris Tucker, Dow Chemicals, US
1:30Amphiphilic Polymeric Core-Shell Particles: Novel Synthetic Strategy and Potential Applications of the Particles
P. Li, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, CN
1:50Green Chemistry Derived Nanocomposite of Silver-modified Titania used for Disinfectant
J. Liu, I. Ramirez, S. Bashir, R. Mernaugh, Texas A&M University-Kingsville, US
2:10Environmental Friendly Synthesis of Polypyrrole within polymeric Nanotemplates-mechanism of polypyrrole synthesis
X. Li, A. Chan, M. Groves, C. Malardier-Jugroot, Royal Military College of Canada, CA
2:30Catalytic Conversion of Waste Carbon Monoxide to Valuable Chemicals & Materials
M. Slowik, Novomer, US
2:50Green and efficient hydroxylation of phenol using H2O2 catalyzed by coordination polymers
S.J.J. Titinchi, H.S. Abbo, University of the Western Cape, ZA
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1:30FutureH2O: Water Storage & Supply InfrastructureRoom 204 C
Session chair: Angela Adams, Beureau of Reclamation, US
1:30Applying Smart Technology to Water Storage & Supply Infrastructure
P. Williams, IBM, US
1:50A New Framework for Making Renewal/Rehabilitation Decisions for Aging Water Infrastructure
V. Nelson, Coaltion for Alternative Wastewater Treatment, US
2:10Using Groundwater Storage Systems in Large-Scale Water Management
C. Cullom, Central Arizona Water Conservation District, US
2:30Constructed wetlands for management of desalting concentrates
P. Frank, CH2MHILL, US
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3:00BreakFoyer 2nd Floor
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3:30Natural NanocompositesRoom 210 B
Session chair: Tom Twardowski, Twardowski Scientific, US
3:30Renewable and Naturally Derived Nanocomposites (invited presentation)
A. Ek, SweTree Technologies, SE
4:00The physical properties of zein nanoclay hybrid resin as a base for zein nanoclay films
J. Luecha, N. Sozer, J.L. Kokini, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, US
4:20Nanopalladium – Wool: A Novel Fibre for Multifunctional Textiles
C. Fonseca-Paris, J.H. Johnston, Victoria University of Wellington, NZ
4:40Novel Nanocomposites: Hierarchically Ordered Porous Silica for the Immobilisation of Enzyme as Bio-catalyst
Y. Sen, T. Sen, University of Central Lancashire, UK
5:00Surface Modification and Performance Analysis of Jute Based Nanophased Green Composite
M.K. Hossain, M.W. Dewan, M. Hosur, S. Jeelani, V. Rangari, Tuskegee University, US
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5:00TechConnect Investment Networking Reception - Second FloorFoyer 2nd Floor
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