Clean Technology 2010

Speakers Include:

Angela Adams Angela Adams
Water Quality Improvement Center,
Wade Adams Wade Adams
Director of the Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology,
  Andy Aden
National Bioenergy Center,
Mike Ambrose Mike Ambrose
Manager of Regulatory Compliance,
William Anderson William Anderson
Director of City Planning & Community Investment,
Patricia  Ansems Patricia Ansems
Research Scientist, Ventures & Business Development,
  Frank Austin
VP, Energy Services,
  Francis (Frank) Barros
SBIR Program Analyst,
Halil Berberoglu Halil Berberoglu
Institute for Cell and Molecular Biology,
Jeremy Bergeson Jeremy Bergeson
Kerry Bernstein Kerry Bernstein
Research Staff Member,
Mark A. Bernstein Mark A. Bernstein
Managing Director,
Frank Bevc Frank Bevc
Director, Technology Policy & Research Programs,
Lisa Bicker Lisa Bicker
President and CEO,
Stanley J. Blazewicz Stanley J. Blazewicz
VP, Global Head of Technology,
Cheemin Bo-Linn Cheemin Bo-Linn
CEO and President,
Jeff Brunings Jeff Brunings
Director, Strategic Marketing,
Tim Carey Tim Carey
US CLeantech Practice Leader,
  Shushana Castle
Shahid Chaudhry Shahid Chaudhry
Water-Energy Efficiency Program Manager,
Eric Chen Eric Chen
CEO & President ,
Jacques Chirazi Jacques Chirazi
Program Manager, Clean Tech Initiative,
Randy Churchill Randy Churchill
Director of Emerging Company Services,
Cary J. Claiborne Cary J. Claiborne
President and Chief Executive Officer,
Stephen Clarke Stephen Clarke
Carlos Coe Carlos Coe
Yoram Cohen Yoram Cohen
William Cooper William Cooper
Professor and Director, Civil and Environmental Engineering,
James A. Croce James A. Croce
Issam Dairanieh Issam Dairanieh
Technology Principal, Alternative Energy Ventures,
Dean M. DeLongchamp Dean M. DeLongchamp
Project Leader: Organic Electronics & Photovoltaics Polymers Division, Electronics Materials Group,
Paul Dickerson Paul Dickerson
Mintz Levin and WoodRock & Co.,
Ian Dietrich Ian Dietrich
Project Director,
  Paul DiMartini
CTO, Smart Grid,
Bob Dixon Bob Dixon
SVP Global Effieciency & Sustainability,
Ron Dizy Ron Dizy
President and CEO,
David Dreessen David Dreessen
Eric Drummond Eric Drummond
Former Mayor,
Mark S. Duvall Mark S. Duvall
Director, Electric Transportation,
Tom  Earnest Tom Earnest
Global Market Development Manager,
George Elvin George Elvin
Iraj Ershagi Iraj Ershagi
Director, Petroleum Engineering Program,
  Mindi Farber-DeAnda
Senior Program Manager,
George Fitzgerald George Fitzgerald
Daryll Fogal Daryll Fogal
VP Technologies ,
Wayne Gears Wayne Gears
Paul H. Genoa Paul H. Genoa
Director, Policy Development,
Patricia Glaza Patricia Glaza
Executive Director/CEO,
S. Gail Goldberg S. Gail Goldberg
Planning Director,
Steve Goldberg Steve Goldberg
George Goodman George Goodman
Architect, Intel Open Energy Initiative,
Frank Goodman Frank Goodman
Senior Technology Development Advisor,
Dave Goodwin Dave Goodwin
Physical Scientist,
F. Henry Habicht II F. Henry Habicht II
Managing Partner,
Matt Haskins Matt Haskins
Andrew  Heckler Andrew Heckler
  Laura Hegedus
Special Counsel,
David  Henderson David Henderson
Managing Director,
Bernardo J.  Herzer Bernardo J. Herzer
Founder, CEO and Chairman of the Board,
Christopher A.  Hieb Christopher A. Hieb
Managing Director, Head of West Coast M&A,
  Mike Hightower
Distinguished Member, Technical Staff, Energy Security Center,
Ryan Hledik Ryan Hledik
Senior Associate,
Lisa Hodes Lisa Hodes
Eric M.V. Hoek Eric M.V. Hoek
Associate Professor,
Christian Hoepfner Christian Hoepfner
Director of Technical Operations,
Michael Holman Michael Holman
Research Director,
Barry Hooper Barry Hooper
Green Building Program, San Francisco Department of Environment,
Frank Hoss Frank Hoss
Senior Manager,
Doug Houseman Doug Houseman
VP, Technology & Innovations,
Nate Hutchings Nate Hutchings
President & COO,
C. Dale Jacobson C. Dale Jacobson
Donald Karner Donald Karner
Dimitri Kazarinoff Dimitri Kazarinoff
Vice President and General Manager, Hybrid Power Systems,
Alex Kim Alex Kim
Director – Customer Innovations, C.E.M., LEED AP,
Alex Kinnier Alex Kinnier
Dimitri Klapsis Dimitri Klapsis
Aaron Klemm Aaron Klemm
Energy Project Manager,
Michael Koehl Michael Koehl
Physicist, Dept. Thermal Systems and Buildings,
Jim  Kohlhaas Jim Kohlhaas
Vice President, Energy Initiatives, Corporate Engineering and Technology,
David Kunhardt David Kunhardt
Vice President, Structured Finance,
Marcelo Labre Marcelo Labre
Managing Director,
Daniel L. Laird Daniel L. Laird
Staff Researcher,
  Mark Lane
Matt Law Matt Law
Assistant Professor, Chemistry Department,
Mike Levin Mike Levin
Executive Director, CleanTech OC,
Craig Lewis Craig Lewis
Founding Principal,
Janice Lin Janice Lin
Co-Founder & Director,
Dhiraj Malkani Dhiraj Malkani
  Joe McClyde
Margaret McCormick Margaret McCormick
General Manager, Bio-Based Materials,
Danielle Merfeld Danielle Merfeld
Director, Solar Technology Platform,
David Meyers David Meyers
Director of Business Development, Western Region,
Jeffrey Milanette Jeffrey Milanette
Executive Director,
Kii Miller Kii Miller
Director of Sales, North America,
Mchael Montoya Mchael Montoya
Director, Engineering Advancement,
J. Christopher  Moran J. Christopher Moran
Vice President, General Manager,
Kenichi Mori Kenichi Mori
General Manager of New Business Development ,
  Valerie Nelson
Ira Nydick Ira Nydick
Senior Technology Analyst,
Jim O'Callaghan Jim O'Callaghan
President ,
Shannon Parry Shannon Parry
Senior Environmental Analyst, Sustainable City Program,
  Mehul Patel
GWR System Program Manager,
Gary Paul Gary Paul
Donald L. Paul Donald L. Paul
Executive Director,
Ryszard (Rich) Pisarski Ryszard (Rich) Pisarski
SBIR/STTR Technology Infusion Manager ,
Joel R. Pointon Joel R. Pointon
Manager, Electric Transportation Program,
Arati Prabhakar Arati Prabhakar
General Partner,
Linda Giannelli  Pratt Linda Giannelli Pratt
Chief Program Manager,
Miguel  Pulido Miguel Pulido
Shakil Rahman Shakil Rahman
Senior Vice President and General Counsel,
Robert C. Renner Robert C. Renner
Executive Director,
  Julie Ricks
Senior Program Advisor,
Robert Rogan Robert Rogan
SVP Americas,
Steve Rogers Steve Rogers
Reed Rubinstein Reed Rubinstein
Alexander Sarac Alexander Sarac
General Counsel, Carbon Transactions,
Walter L.  Schindler Walter L. Schindler
Managing Partner,
Bill Schoettler Bill Schoettler
CEO, Lightolier Group,
Joaquin Silva Joaquin Silva
President & CEO,
Fred Smoller Fred Smoller
Center for Sustainable Living,
Adam Stieg Adam Stieg
Scientific Director Nano and Pico Characterization Lab,
William L. Thomas William L. Thomas
Counsel, Environmental & Climate Change,
  Steven Tobias
Technology & Innovation,
Barry Toyonaga Barry Toyonaga
Chief Business Officer,
Matt Trevithick Matt Trevithick
Gregory Trimarche Gregory Trimarche
Co-Chair, CleanTech OC,
Greg Tropsa Greg Tropsa
EVP & Co-Founder,
Loucas Tsakalakos Loucas Tsakalakos
Trond Unneland Trond Unneland
Vice President and Managing Executive, Venture Capital,
Michael Valocchi Michael Valocchi
Vice-President/Partner Global Energy and Utilities Leader,
Kenneth Van Meter Kenneth Van Meter
Principal, Energy & Cyber Services ,
  Darren Van't Hof
Director, Renewable Investments,
Joy Weiss Joy Weiss
President and CEO,
Chris Wheaton Chris Wheaton
COO & Founder,
Candace Wheeler Candace Wheeler
Global Energy System Center,
Paul Wickberg Paul Wickberg
Monika Willert-Porada Monika Willert-Porada
Professor in Materials Processing,
Kim R.  Williams Kim R. Williams
Peter Williams Peter Williams
Chandler Williamson Chandler Williamson
VP, Business Development,
Jennifer Wolch Jennifer Wolch
Alexander Wong Alexander Wong
Managing Director,
Don Wood Don Wood
Managing Director,
Yue Wu Yue Wu
Device Engineering team leader,
Tomoya  Yamashiki Tomoya Yamashiki
Director of Corporate Research and Business Development,
Ross Youngs Ross Youngs
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