Clean Technology 2010

FlexEnergy, LLC

Location:CA, US
Speaker:Paul Fukumoto
Title:Programs Director
Primary Industry:Other Alternative Energy
Executive Summary:Methane is a greenhouse gas that has 25 times the environmental impact of carbon dioxide. Globally, 300 million tons of man-made methane seeps into the atmosphere each year. Controlling this methane and minimizing the greenhouse gas effect has been problematic. Much of the methane seepage is too dilute for current technology to destroy. (Data source: U.S. EPA) FlexEnergy has developed the Flex PowerstationTM to convert these sources of methane emissions into electricity. This will enable the generation of clean, renewable energy while eliminating a major source of greenhouse gas emissions. Unlike other energy technologies, the Flex oxidizes a wide range of methane concentrations: gas with methane contents as low as 1.5%. The unique Flexidizer keeps NOx and CO emissions below 1 ppm, exceeding the most stringent emission requirements. The Flex tolerates moisture and other contaminants in the gas, eliminating the problems typically associated with the use of alternative methane fuels as an energy source. Sources of problematic methane emissions include landfills, digesters, oil & gas fields, coal mining operations, chemical plants, refineries and other industrial processes. Dilute tail gas from biogas processing, biofuels plants, and ethanol plants can also power the Flex.
Venture is:C-Round

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