Clean Technology 2010

A new generation of nano-scale high-performance material

U. Weitz
IBU-tec advanced materials AG, DE

Keywords: pulsation reactor technology,


IBU-tec’s pulsation reactor technology is an innovative novel thermal process. This thermal reactor, a proprietary development of IBU-tec, which is based on pulsation burning, is the reactor of choice for material transformation processes in the chemical industry and for the production of nano-sized powders. The raw materials injected into the reactor receive thermal shock treatment with extremely short retention times. The thermal shock treatment creates a new generation of nano-particles which feature a highly reactive surface or of fine-grain materials such as nanosized powders. Moreover, variations in temperature and retention times allow to specify features of the powders, e. g. specific surface morphology or particle size. This exclusive process at IBU-tec allows the production of materials with new and improved features. Summaries of the applied technique (pulsation reactor) will be discussed. Different applications of pulsation reactor will also be described. Physico-chemical characteristics of some of the fabricated powders such as powder morphology, specific surface area, phase identification will be investigated and tabulated. The results show the possibilities of the production of nano metal oxide powders, such as Al2O3, ZnO and ZrO2 as well as multi oxide powders Aluminiumsilicate (Mullite) and Magnesium Aluminate (Spinel) on industrial large scale applying pulsation reactor. Composite or core shell materials are possible too, which combine different properties, e.g. UVprotection and scratch resistance. The novel generation of nano materials leads to a better performance in different applications, which will be discussed.
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