Clean Technology 2010

Biobutanol to BioJet Fuels and More

M.E. Wright, B. Harvey, R. Quintana

Keywords: biobutanol, JP-5, jet fuel, full performance, oligomerization, butene


NAWCWD at China Lake has been engaged in research as part of an effort to provide the DoD community with a full performance JP-5/JP-8 fuel replacement that is wholly derived from a renewable and sustainable bio-feedstock. Our initial efforts focused on utilizing 1-butene that can be easily derived from biobutanol (Energy & Fuels 2008, Wright, Harvey, Quintana). Details of this work will be presented along with more recent studies involving rather unique bio-feedstocks for high density jet fuels (Energy & Fuels 2009, Harvey, Wright, Quintana). And lastly, we will cover results from our newest Biojet fuel candidates with a focus on their performance and physical characteristics (density, viscosity, flashpoint, ....).
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