NSTI BioNano 2011
Tomoya  Yamashiki

Tomoya Yamashiki

Director of Corporate Research and Business Development

Toray Industries-America

Dr. Tomoya "TOMO" Yamashiki, Director of Corporate Research and business Development at Toray Industries (America), is currently tasked with establishing a new framework to enhance North American innovation for Toray’s industries (parent company in Japan, a major supplier of advanced materials and components). TOMO actively works to establish strategic partnership between emerging technology insitutes and Toray in the fields of Clean/Green tech, Advanced materials, IT/Electronics, and Alternative energies. TOMO’s past activities include development single-crystalline organic nonlinear optical devices, phase-change optical rewritable disks, and photo-sensitive ceramic materials for electronics applications. Along with research, planning, and management positions at Toray Industries, he has been assigned as a research team leader in a major project at RIKEN (Institute for Physical and Chemical Sciences). He holds a PhD degree in Applied Physics/ Materials Science from University of Tokyo.

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