NSTI BioNano 2011

Arne  Leinse

Arne Leinse

Project & Account Manager

LioniX BV


Arne Leinse was born in Enschede, the Netherlands, in 1977 and studied applied physics at the University of Twente where he received a M.Sc. degree at the integrated Optical Microsystems group in 2001. In this same group he started his PhD work on the topic of active microring resonators for various optical applications. His PhD work was carried out in the framework of a European project (IST 2000-28018 “Next generation Active Integrated optic Sub-systems”) and his thesis was titled: “Polymeric microring resonator based electro-optic modulator". In 2005 he joined LioniX BV where he is now working as project- and account manager in the field of integrated optics and optofluidics.

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