NSTI BioNano 2011

Allyson  Hartzell

Allyson Hartzell

Director of Technology Projects

Lilliputian Systems Inc.

Allyson Hartzell has three decades of professional experience with emerging technologies. Ms. Hartzell recently published the book 'MEMS Reliability' which is one of the MEMS Reference Series by Springer (with co-authors Mark da Silva and Herb Shea). She wrote a book chapter in 'Contamination-Free Manufacturing for Semiconductors and Other Precision Products' published by Marcel Dekker, and was the US Delegate to the ISO on Airborne Molecular Contamination (ISO-14644-8). Ms. Hartzell holds a Masters of Science in Applied Physics from Harvard University and a Bachelors of Science in Materials Engineering from Brown University. She is currently the Director of Technology Projects at Lilliputian Systems in Wilmington, MA.

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