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Jeffrey T.  Borenstein

Jeffrey T. Borenstein

Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff

Charles Stark Draper Laboratory

Jeffrey Borenstein is a Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff at the Charles Stark Draper Laboratory in Cambridge, Massachusetts. There he serves as Technical Director for Draper’s programs in Tissue Engineering and Drug delivery. He is also Program Leader for Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering with the Center for the Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technology (CIMIT), a consortium of the Harvard Medical School teaching hospitals, Draper Laboratory and MIT. Dr. Borenstein currently serves as Principal Investigator for projects involving the application of microsystems technology towards engineered tissue constructs for organ assist devices and drug discovery, as well as implantable drug delivery systems. These programs are funded by the Department of Defense, the National Institutes of Health and several commercial sponsors. Prior to joining Draper Laboratory in 1994, Dr. Borenstein held positions as a research scientist for North American Philips Corporation and Mobil Corporation. Dr. Borenstein has a Ph.D. in Physics from the University at Albany and holds eighteen issued patents, as well as over twenty-five published patent applications and over eighty peer-reviewed journal articles and conference proceedings.

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