NSTI BioNano 2011
Glen P. Miller

Glen P. Miller


University of New Hampshire

Glen P. Miller is a Professor of Organic Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry at the University of New Hampshire. The Miller group conducts research at the intersections of synthetic and physical-organic chemistries and nanotechnology. We have active programs in each of the following areas: (1) fullerene and carbon nanotube chemistries including polyamine hydogenations and Diels-Alder reactions; (2) scanning probe microscopy (SPM) based nanomanufacturing including field assisted nanopatterning (FAN) and electromechanical assembly; (3) directed self-assembly of functionalized fullerenes and multifunctional compounds; (4) synthesis of single-walled nanotubular compounds with uniform, tunable dimensions and properties; (5) synthesis and characterization of persistent acenes; (6) studies of CH—pi and pi-pi interactions involving fullerenes.

Co-Chairing the symposium on Manufacturing at the Nanoscale; Overcoming Barriers to Commercialization

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