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Join leading technology and solution providers at the largest expo built specifically for the global innovation community. Over 3,000 innovators, startups, industry and government leaders want to meet you. Reserve space at the 2017 TechConnect expo hall, and stand out in the crowd.

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Denise Lee, (, 203.494.5412)
Innovation/University Showcase: Christopher Erb ( ,978.561.1908)

TechConnect World 2017 Exhibitors

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Booth Company Name

57M 10xHydro, LLC
57T 10xHydro, LLC

47T Adesso Advanced Materials
5M Advanced Biomimetic Sensors, Inc.
318 Advanced Materials
8T Aereus Technologies Inc.
631 Air Force Research Laboratory
330 Air Force SBIR
26M Alaska Applied Sciences, Inc.
2T Aldelano Solar Cold Chain Solutions
49M Almeria Analytics
37T American HyPerform, Inc.
29M AOMS Technologies Inc
29T AOMS Technologies Inc
49T ArborWay Labs
501 Argonne National Laboratory
7T Ariel R&D Company Ltd
44M Arizona Technology Enterprises-AzTE
44T Arizona Technology Enterprises-AzTE
428 Army SBIR
8M Atlas Energy Systems, LLC
619 ATOMIC – Center for Atomically Thin Multifunctional Coatings
318 AtomTrace
523 Australian National University

312 BioRAFT
11T Blackburn Energy
54M Blast Resolve

622 CEA Tech
616 Center for Functional Nanomaterials
616 Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences
616 Center for Nanoscale Materials
10M Chain Reaction Innovations
10T Chain Reaction Innovations
9M Chain Reaction Innovations
9T Chain Reaction Innovations
22M Chonbuk National University
22T Chonbuk National University
2M College of William & Mary
14M Commercial Computer Systems - simpleXecutive
14T Commercial Computer Systems - simpleXecutive
23M Concenter BioPharma
23T Concenter BioPharma
723 Corning
24M Council for Scientific and Industrial Research
26T Creative Minds Solutions LLC
318 Czech Nanotechnology Industries Association
318 Czech Nanotechnology Pavilion
318 CzechInvest New York & Czech Embassy in Washington, DC

517 Delong America Inc.
329 Department of Commerce, NOAA
403 Department of Energy
326 Department of Energy - SBIR/STTR
322 Department of Homeland Security SBIR
424 Department of the Navy SBIR/STTR Program
20M DERP Technologies LLC
20T DERP Technologies LLC
426 DoD SBIR STTR Programs

46M E3Tec Service, LLC
46T E3Tec Service, LLC
724 Eastman Chemical Company
7M Elinor Specialty Coatings
229 Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
223 EPA Office of Research & Development
64 EPA P3
231 EPA P3: Appalachian State University
67 EPA P3: Appalachian State University
227 EPA P3: Auburn University
66 EPA P3: Butte-Glenn Community College
68 EPA P3: California State University, Chico
69 EPA P3: Case Western Reserve University
70 EPA P3: Clarkson University
71 EPA P3: Colorado School of Mines
72 EPA P3: Cornell University
73 EPA P3: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
74 EPA P3: Fashion Institute of Technology
75 EPA P3: Georgia Southern University
76 EPA P3: Hamline University
77 EPA P3: Iowa State University
78 EPA P3: John Brown University
79 EPA P3: Kennesaw State University
80 EPA P3: Miami University
81 EPA P3: Michigan State University
82 EPA P3: Montclair State University
83 EPA P3: Purdue University
65 EPA P3: Rochester Institute of Technology
84 EPA P3: Southern Methodist University
85 EPA P3: Texas Woman's University
86 EPA P3: The University of Texas at San Antonio
87 EPA P3: University of Alabama
88 EPA P3: University of California Riverside
89 EPA P3: University of California, Berkeley
90 EPA P3: University of California, Riverside
91 EPA P3: University of Cincinnati
92 EPA P3: University of Delaware
93 EPA P3: University of Massachusetts Lowell
94 EPA P3: University of Rhode Island
95 EPA P3: University of Texas at Austin
96 EPA P3: Vanderbilt University
225 EPA P3: Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
97 EPA P3: Washington State University
98 EPA P3: West Chester University
99 EPA P3: Western Michigan University
25M Euclid TechLabs

1M Federal Bureau of Investigation
506 Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab)
700 Flow Science, Inc.
41M Fluid-Screen, Inc
4T FullScaleNano

526 Georgia Tech
34M Goddard Tech

318 HE3DA
24T HEBI Robotics, Inc.
709 Henkel Corporation
429 High Technology Development Corporation - Innovate Hawaii
515 Hitachi Zosen Corporation
402 Honeywell FM&T
412 HRL Laboratories LLC
722 Huntsman

405 Idaho National Laboratory
716 IMSM Inc.
713 Ingersoll Rand
6T Inhibit Coatings
610 Innography
53M Inventram A.S.
53T Inventram A.S.
300 Invest in Skane
524 Iowa State University
50T Iris Technology Corporation
47M IVIEW Therapeutics Inc.

425 Jameson & Company LLC
504 Jefferson Lab

417 Kentucky Multi-Scale Manufacturing - University of Louisville & University of Kentucky
408 Korea Institute of Energy Research
307 Korea Intellectual Property Strategy Agency
301 Korea-US IP Foundation

510 Lake Shore Cryotronics Inc.
502 Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
530 Lehigh University
703 Lockheed Martin

319 M+W Group
615 Marvern Instruments
430 MDA Advanced Research
48M Membrion, Inc.
48T Membrion, Inc.
318 Mendel University Brno
728 Michelman
37M MITRE Corporation
616 Molecular Foundry, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
33M Motobriiz LLC
33T Motobriiz LLC

31M N5 Sensors, Inc.
31T N5 Sensors, Inc.
30T Nama Development LLC
52M Nano Hydrophobics, Inc.
52T Nano Hydrophobics, Inc.
414 NanoCanada
42M NanoScience Solutions
42T NanoScience Solutions
38M Nanosferix - KAUST
38T Nanosferix - KAUST
318 nanoSPACE
323 NASA Technology Transfer Program
304 National Nanotechnology Initiative
514 National Reconnaissance Office
318 Nenovision
630 New Jersey Innovation Institute @ NJIT
519 New Jersey Institute of Technology
415 NIST
3T Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED)
315 Northeastern University
404 NREL
427 NSF SBIR/STTR Program

406 Oak Ridge National Laboratory
35M Ohio University - Center for Electrochemical Engineering Research
35T Ohio University - Center for Electrochemical Engineering Research
54T OmniCyte, LLC
625 Omnity
603 Oxford Instruments America, Inc.

727 Panasonic Venture Group
318 Pardam
511 Park Systems
701 PetroMar Technologies, Inc.
40M PolyDrop, LLC
40T PolyDrop, LLC
56M PolyPico Technologies
56T PolyPico Technologies
613 Polysciences, Inc.
27M Portland State University
27T Portland State University
609 Postnova Analytics
729 Praxair, Inc.
13M PRD Tech, Inc.
13T PRD Tech, Inc.
416 Precision NanoSystems, Inc.
30M Precision Polyolefins LLC
505 Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
36M Prodyne Corp.

4M Quarktet Technologies

313 Revolution Fibres
11M Rijuven Corporation
55T RJH Biosciences Inc.

731 SABIC Ventures
25T SAFI-Tech
617 Sage Publishing
725 Saint-Gobain
401 Sandia National Laboratories
302 Scienion US, Inc.
34T Sensor Films Inc.
702 Shell Oil Company / Shell GameChanger
608 Shenzhen Nanotech Port Co.,Ltd
705 Sherwin-Williams
21M Simune Atomistics S.L.
21T Simune Atomistics S.L.
43M Smart Apps, LLC / EventQueue (EQ)
43T Smart Apps, LLC / EventQueue (EQ)
36T Smart Diagnostics Systems
45M Solace Power Inc.
45T Solace Power Inc.
710 Solmates B.V.
306 Sono-Tek Corporation
409 Spain Pavilion
714 Springer
509 Strem Chemicals, Inc
711 Sughrue Mion, PLLC
612 Swan Chemical Inc.
39M SynMatter
39T SynMatter

422 TechOpp Consulting, Inc.
601 Tekna
41T Texas A&M University
522 Texas Tech University Office of Research Commercialization
730 The Boeing Company
531 The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
712 The National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure (NNCI)
528 The University of Melbourne
3M TriboTEX
418 Trillamed, LLC

327 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency SBIR
525 UC Irvine - Applied Innovation
629 UCLA Technology Development Group
58M UltraTech International, Inc.
58T UltraTech International, Inc.
419 United Motion Ideas
5T United Motion Ideas
715 United Technologies Research Center
624 Univ. of Buffalo NYS Center of Excellence in Materials Informatics
28M Univalor
28T Univalor
423 University of California, Santa Barbara
32M University of Massachusetts Lowell
32T University of Massachusetts Lowell
1T University of Massachusetts Lowell Nanomanufacturing Center
516 University of Massachusetts Lowell Nanomanufacturing Center
623 University of Minnesota
12T University of Nebraska–Lincoln
718 University of Pennsylvania Singh Center for Nanotechnology , Penn Center for Innovation
529 University Vermont and State Agricultural College (UVM)
718 UPenn Singh Center for Nanotechnology
50M Uppsala University, Sweden
51M Uppsala University, Sweden
51T Uppsala University, Sweden
59M US Small Business Administration
59T US Small Business Administration
331 USDA SBIR Program

614 Verbatim Americas LLC
12M Vlabs
316 VSParticle

55M Wave Power Energy Generator System
317 Wellspring

2017 Sponsors & Partners
2017 Sponsors & Partners

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