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Nanoparticle Synthesis & Applications

Nanoparticle Synthesis & Applications

Abstracts due: February 28, 2017

Technical Abstract Submission

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Symposium Chair

Jan-Steffen NiehausJan-Steffen Niehaus
Head of Department Particle Production
CAN Center for Applied Nanotechnology, Hamburg, Germany

Symposium Sessions

Monday May 15

10:30Materials Innovation Spotlights: Arkema, Praxair

Tuesday May 16

10:30Nanoparticle Drug Delivery and Nucleic Acids
1:30Nanoparticle Characterization

Wednesday May 17

8:30Materials Innovation Spotlights: Saint-Gobain, Huntsman
10:30Nanoparticle Synthesis & Applications I
1:30Nanoparticle Synthesis & Applications II

Symposium Program

Monday May 15

10:30Materials Innovation Spotlights: Arkema, Praxair

Tuesday May 16

10:30Nanoparticle Drug Delivery and Nucleic Acids
10:30Robust in vivo gene editing in mouse hepatocytes with systemic lipid nanoparticle delivery of CRISPR/Cas9 components (invited presentation)
D. Morrissey, Intellia Therapeutics, US
10:55TBA (invited presentation)
A. Almutairi, UC San Diego, US
11:20Programmable Formation of Quantum Dot Lattices with Applications in Biosensing and conditional RNAi Activation
K. Afonin, M. Jones, University of North Carolina, Charlotte, US
11:40Therapeutic RNA interference in vivo - fibrillar nanocarbon mediated delivery
M.R. McDevitt, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, US
12:00Role of microRNA-205 in Gemcitabine Resistant Pancreatic Cancer
R.I. Mahato, A.K. Chaudhary, G. Mondal, V. Kumar, K. Kattel, D. Chitkara, A. Mittal, University of Nebraska Medical Center, US
12:20Continuous Production of Polymer Coated Drug Crystals, Particles and Nanoparticles by Hollow Fiber Membrane-based Cooling Crystallization and Anti-solvent Crystallization
K. Sirkar, D. Chen, D. Singh, C. Jin, R. Pfeffer, New Jersey Institute of Technology, US
1:30Nanoparticle Characterization
1:30Quantitative Analysis of Oxidation State in Cerium Oxide Nanomaterials
C.M. Sims, R.A. Maier, A.C. Johnston-Peck, J.M. Gorham, V.A. Hackley, B.C. Nelson, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
1:50Development and Characterization of Commercial Boron Nitride Nanotube Product Forms
M.B. Jakubinek, Y. Martinez-Rubi, K.S. Kim, Z.J. Jakubek, C.M. Homenick, S. Zou, D. Klug, B. Ashrafi, J. Guan, S. Walker, M. Daroszewska, C.T. Kingston, B. Simard, National Research Council Canada, CA
2:10Assessing Drug Encapsulation Efficiency using Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis
R. Ragheb, D. Griffiths, Malvern Instrument, US
2:30FibriPy: a software environment for fiber analysis from 3D micro-computed tomography data
T. Perciano, D. Ushizima, H. Krishnan, J. Sethian, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, US
2:50Nanotrap-enhanced mass spectrometry: direct detection of pathogen antigens in the urine of animal models and human patients affected by tick borne diseases
R. Magni, K. Jackson, R. Molestina, B. Kim, J. Walsh, B. Lepene, R. Dunlap, L. Liotta, A. Luchini, George Mason University, US
3:10Calibration Devices for Optical Microscopy at Subnanometer Scales
C.R. Copeland, J.A. Liddle, C.D. McGray, J. Geist, B.R. Ilic, S.M. Stavis, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
3:30How to Caracterize Soft Nanoparticles
L. Calzolai, P. Urban, P. Iavicoli, European Commission- DG Joint Research Centre, IT

Wednesday May 17

8:30Materials Innovation Spotlights: Saint-Gobain, Huntsman
10:30Nanoparticle Synthesis & Applications I
10:30Quantum Rod Film (QRF) – Optical properties and stability
J. Niehaus, S. Becker, T. Jochum, H. Weller, CAN, DE
10:50Nano-engineering Core/Shell Quantum Dots for Ultimate Utility in Light-emission Applications
J.A. Hollingsworth, Los Alamos National Laboratory, US
11:10Ion beam sputter deposition technique for direct growth of Ge quantum dots on a graphene/SiO2/Si substrate
Y. Yang, Yunnan University, CN
11:30Photodegradation of Organic Dyes using CdSTe Quantum Dots
C. Aviles-Martin, L. Alamo-Nole, Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico, US
11:50Nonthermal Plasma Reactor for Engineering Core/Shell Nanocrystals for Optoelectronic Applications
K.I. Hunter, J.T. Held, K.A. Mkhoyan, U.R. Kortshagen, University of Minnesota, US
12:10Infrared active nanoprobes for bio-medical imaging based on inorganic nanocrystals
A. Podhorodecki, M. Banski, A. Noculak, L. Golacki, B. Krajnik, H. Woznica, A. Lesiak, D. Kociolek, B. Sojka, Wroclaw University of Technology, PL
1:30Nanoparticle Synthesis & Applications II
1:30A review of recent advances in nanoparticles design by magnetron-sputter inert-gas condensation
P. Grammatikopoulos, S. Steinhauer, V. Singh, J. Vernieres, M. Haro, M. Sowwan, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST), JP
1:50Modeling and simulation of nanoparticle production in an aerosol flame reactor
V.S. Buddhiraju, N.K.V. Nadimpalli, V. Runkana, TCS Research, Tata Research Development and Design Centre, A division of Tata Consultancy Services, IN
2:10Giant paramagnetism of copper nanoparticles in carbon Cu@C nanocomposites
M. Estipanos, M. Goff, E. Sharoyan, A. Manukyan, H. Gyulasaryan, A. Mirzakhanyan, O. Bernal, A. Kocharian, California State University, US
2:30Synthesis on iron sulfides and their macro-/micro-magnetic properties
Y-H Chen, National Cheng Kung University, TW
2:50Novel fatty-acid assisted co-precipitation method for synthesis of the SrAl2O4:Eu2+, Sm3+ storage phosphor nanoparticles
I. Levchuk, L. Römling, M. Steimle, A. Osvet, M. Batentschuk, A. Winnacker, C.J. Brabec, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, DE
3:10The Dispersion of Zirconia nanoparticles : ZIRCOSTAR
K. Takahashi, T. Yao, J. Kimura, H. Hashimoto, NIPPON SHOKUBAI CO., LTD., JP
3:30A novel demonstration of the dichroic effect exhibited by gold nanoparticles and their incorporation into polymer materials
E.G. Wrigglesworth, J.H. Johnston, Victoria University of Wellington, NZ
NanoparticlesExpo Hall D & E
Effect of Ambient Pressure and Wire Parameters on Nanoparticle Characteristics during Microsecond Explosion of Aluminum Wire
J. Bai, Z. Shi, Z. Wu, S. Jia, Xi’an Jiaotong University, CN
Investigation of the relationship between the solution pH and the morphology in the production of a new phase of VO2 to be used for smart windows application among others
D. Teixeira, R. Quesada-Cabrera, M.J. Powell, G.K. L. Goh, G. Sankar, I. Parkin, R. Palgrave, University College London, UK
Renewable Nanoparticle Platform for Energy Applications
K. Aramthanapon, A. Yadav, V. Klausmeier, Sylvatex, Inc, US
Green synthesis of carbon adorned silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) and antibacterial studies
A.G. Al-Sehemi, S. Alrumman, A. Kalam, G. Du, M. Pannipara, King Khalid University, SA
Synthesis of Titanium Nanoparticles with Controlled Size Variation by Physical Vapor Deposition
F.G. Alzubi, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, KW
Hydrophilic NaYF4 nanocrystals doped with Eu3+: Effects of surface functionalization on glutamate and GABA transport in brain nerve terminals
T. Borisova, B. Sojka, D. Kociołek, M. Banski, N. Pozdnyakova, A. Pastukhov, A. Borysov, M. Galkin, M. Dudarenko, A. Podhorodecki, Palladin Institiute of Biochemistry NAS of Ukraine;, UA
Characterization and physical properties of tetrahedrite doped by 3d transition ions
A. Guler, C. Boyraz, D. Shulgin, G. Mozzhukhin, B. Rameev, Marmara University, TR
Peroxidase-like activity of green synthesized gold nanoparticles for the colorimetric detection of glutathion
V. Kumar, S. Mohan, D.K. Singh, R.K. Gundampati, S.H. Hasan, Indian Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University, U.P., India., IN
Sensitive Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering-Based Detection of a BIGH3 Point Mutation Associated with Avellino Corneal Dystrophy
S-N Jeong, S. Kim, H. Chung, S.Y. Yoo, Pusan National University, KR
Ag-GQD Conjugation with Siderophores for E.coli Disinfection in VERO Cells Monoloyers
A. Marra, C. Mejias, C. Ramos, J. Villalobos, F. Mendoza, G. Caro, A. Arroyo, N. Alvarez, University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras Campus, US
Binding Studies of Histamine-imprinted Polymers Prepared using Photochemical Polymerization for facile incorporation to sensing device
E.F. Romano, R.C. So, C. Holdsworth, Ateneo de Manila University, PH
Polyoxometalates enriched antibiotic-coated silver nanoparticles for anti-tuberculosis activity
A. Umapathi, D. Jain, H. Madhyastha, P.N. Navya, H.K. Daima, Amity University Rajasthan, IN
Branched PEI Capped Gold Nanoparticles in Water for siRNA Delivery to Cancer Cells
K. Rahme, J. Guo, S. Biswas, C.M. O’Driscoll, J.D. Holmes, Notre Dame University-Louaize, LB
Evaluation of the citotoxicity of TiO2 modified on Cervical Cancer line-cells- Hela
M.J. Basante, O. Gutierrez, J. Muñoz, R.J. Camargo, Universidad Del Valle, CO
Composition controlled synthesis of gold and silver nanoparticles and their sequential surface modification with enzymes: Imparting new properties
H.K. Daima, P.N. Navya, S. Sanjana, M.U. Medha, A. Umapathi, D. Jain, H. Madhyastha, Amity University Rajasthan, IN
Impact of altered biomolecular surface corona of gold and silver nanoparticles on their in-vitro biological behavior
P.N. Navya, M.R. Meghana, T.S. Shruthi, A. Umapathi, D. Jain, H. Madhyastha, H.K. Daima, SIT, Tumkur, IN
Nature Inspired Hydrogel based Wound Patch infused with Antimicrobial and Antioxidant agents for accelerated Wound Healing
A.K. Kar, M.P. Purohit, N.K. Verma, N. Dhiman, A. Singh, S. Patnaik, CSIR- Indian Institute of Toxicology Research, IN
First-Order-Reversal-Curve (Forc) Studies of Nanomagnetic Materials
B. Dodrill, Lake Shore Cryotronics, US
Microemulsion Synthesis, Structural Characterization and Dielectric Properties of Ba1-xPbxZrO3 (0.05  x  0.20) Nanoparticles
M. Ubaidullah, T. Ahmad, Glocal University, IN
Optical characterizations of multi-shape nanoparticles in polymer thin film layers
M. Carlberg, F. Pourcin, O. Margeat, J. Le Rouzo, G. Berginc, R.-M. Sauvage, J. Ackermann, L. Escoubas, Aix Marseille University, FR
Multilayered nanostructures with controlled magnetic configurations
A.S. Sahakyan R.M. Movsesyan, A.N. Kocharian, California State University, US
Multiferroic and local electrical conduction behavior of RF sputtered BiFeO3 thin films
S. Hussain, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Islamabad, PK
Aluminum Nanocomposite Materials for Energetic Applications
J.M. Laktas, G.J. Place, nanoMetallix, LLC, US
Indium Phosphide Nanowires Application in Gas Sensing
S. Nyembe, T. Ntho, N. Moloto, L. Sikhwivhilu, Mintek, ZA
Plugging and improving oil recovery performance of polyacrylamide nanogel in porous media
H. Ding, J. Geng, A. Imqam, B. Bai, Missouri University of Science and Technology, US
Antimicrobial and dye removal properties of nano Zn/kaolinite prepared using polyaltIhialongifolia and syzygiumcumini leaf extracts
D. Noman, M. Shahid, R. Nazir, M. Baqir, G. Owens, University of South Australia, Mawson Lakes Campus, SA, AU
Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles using aqueous leaf extracts of Lippia citriodora: Antimicrobial, larvicidal and photocatalytic evaluations
E.E. Elemike, D.C. Onwudiwe, A.C. Ekennia, R.C. Ehiri, N.J. Nnaji, North West University, Mafikeng campus, South Africa, ZA
Effect of Cu co-doped on room temperature ferromagnetic properties of TiO2:V nanoparticles
U. Awan, A. Rahim, L.E.G. Armas, S.K. Hasanain, National University of Science and Technology (NUST), PK

This symposium focuses on recent advancements in both dry and wet synthesis of nanoparticles, and particularly on the integration and application of innovative nanomaterials. Emphasis will be placed on the degree of hard and soft agglomeration and its control, as well as on nanoparticles with designed morphology and layered composition focusing on unique applications.

Recent breakthroughs on aerosol, combustion and reaction engineering sciences have placed dry synthesis of nanoparticles on a firm scientific basis, leading to novel functional materials in appreciable volumes at competitive prices. This has created renewed interest in dry processes and products.

Submissions are also welcome in all areas of wet synthesis including developments and applications of sol/gel and emulsion based processes and templating using soft nanostructured materials such as block copolymers or surfactants.

Topics & Application Areas

  • Dry Synthesis: Gas Phase, Aerosols, Reactors
  • Wet Synthesis: Sol-Gel, Emulsions
  • Nanoparticle Characterization
  • Quantum Dots: Synthesis, Characterization & Applications
  • Biomedical Applications
  • Electrical, Magnetic, Optical Applications
  • Nanocomposites
  • Novel Applications
  • Other

Journal Submissions

Journal of Nanoparticle Research

Selected papers will be reviewed and invited into a Special Issue of Journal of Nanoparticle Research. The journal disseminates knowledge of the physical, chemical and biological phenomena and processes in nanoscale structures.

Coverage includes synthesis, assembly, transport, reactivity, and stability, and emphasizes realization and application of systems, structures and devices with novel functions obtained via precursor nanoparticles.

The Journal fosters the interdisciplinary dissemination of knowledge by encouraging synergetic approaches originating from a wide range of disciplines, such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Health Care.

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