Functionalized nano zinc oxide obtained by a novel physicochemical process and their applications

M. Aguilera-Bustos, G. Acosta-Gonzalez, L. Acosta-Armenta, J. Gutierrez-Antonio

Keywords: ZnO applications synthesis


Using a novel physicochemical top-down process, it was possible to reduce the particle size of different micronized oxides, including zinc oxide (ZnO), 50 nm particle size can be reached in a one-step grinding-functionalization process, 150 nm average size aggregates can be obtained in a well dispersed water suspension. According of the specific application nano zinc oxide dispersions can be controlled by size, functionalizing agent, dispersing agent, water dispersed or powder. This patent granted technology is a versatile method that can produce zinc oxide ultra-small particles that can be use in different areas such as sunscreens which acts as a barrier in the UVA and partially UVB radiation, antimicrobial agent in ceramic like glass, toilets, etc. and in different polymeric matrices. Results of antibacterial and antifungal properties of versatile zinc oxide showed that 0.01% concentration is capable to kill 99.99% of E coli and S aureus. UV absorption was determined by UV Vis spectroscopy, many applications was completely studied by application engineering, results of different properties are showed by each.