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Next generation protein multiplexing

Inanovate, Inc, North Carolina, United States


Inanovate has developed a new category of protein multiplexing technology called Longitudinal Assay Screening (LAS). The longitudinal process of LAS can be viewed as running multiple sequential fluorescent assays in an automated micro-fluidic environment, generating information on binding kinetics of biomarkers in real-time; delivering a transformative solution to protein multiplexing.

Primary Application Area: Biotech & Biological Sciences

Technology Development Status: Proven Manufacturability

Technology Readiness Level: TRL 5


Value Proposition: Inanovate's advantage is predicted on a patented method for protein multiplexing, called LAS. LAS enables users to accurately measure virtually any combination of proteins from one sample, in one test. This directly addresses critical needs for improved accuracy and improved clinical relevance of protein based diagnostic tests.


Organization Type: Mid-stage Startup (A or B)

Showcase Booth #: 719



Government Funding/Support to Date: The NCI has to date helped fund the development of Inanovate’s Bio-ID platform through Phase I and Phase II SBIR grant. Committing a total of $1.75 million towards its development and validation. Inanovate successfully completed the Phase II SBIR program in September 2013, and the NCI have since invited Inanovate onto their Phase II Bridge program – an exclusive program that will match private financing on a dollar for dollar basis up to $3 million of NCI funding support.

In support of this, Inanovate has committed to a partnership with Dr. Kristi Egland’s group at Sanford Research over the development, validation and commercialization of a breast cancer diagnostic test incorporating Inanovate’s Bio-ID protein detection platform with a set of protein biomarkers identified by Dr. Egland’s group.

In addition to NCI SBIR support, Inanovate has been awarded a Strategic Research Loan (SRL) for $150,000 and two Strategic Growth Loans (SGL's) for a total of $475,000, by the North Carolina Biotechnology Center. These loans were used to advance the early prototyping and subsequent validation of Longitudinal Assay Screening (LAS) and the Bio-ID platform.

Primary Sources of Funding: Angel, Friends, Family, Federal Grant

Looking for: Both Funding and Development Partners