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Fluidized bed reaction(FBR) process to manufacture a granular Polysilicon over 8N in quality and Continuous Czochralski(CCz) process to make high quality ingot with high throughput.

Technovalue Co., Ltd., California, United States


The “FBR process” is the technology that can produce “granular polysilicon” at much less cost than conventional process by using continuous (or periodic) seed-feeding and polysilicon-withdrawing. The “CCz process” is remarkable process to be able to pull out plural ingot products in a batch according to the continuous feeding process.

Primary Application Area: Renewable & Hydrogen Energy

Technology Development Status: Proven Manufacturability

Technology Readiness Level: TRL 7


Value Proposition: We have almost 30 patents for FBR including US2012082592. The patents are regarding internal heating system with high efficiency. We also have 3 patents for CCz including KR101057100 regarding the core technologies of our equipment.
Additionally outside of above, several patents are going to progress.


Organization Type: Commercial Startup (C+)

Showcase Booth #: 904



Government Funding/Support to Date: 1) Strategy Technology Project for Photovoltaic by Ministry of Knowledge Economy (MKE; Government Agency in Korea) title: “Development of polysilicon manufacturing technology for photovoltaic” (Master company: Siliconvalue Co., Ltd., Fund: USD9.2Mil., Period: 2008.12 ~2010.9)

2) Strategic Development Project For the Research Institute Spin-off Company by title: “Development of SG poly-Si Equipment & Process technology for effective production cost” (Master company: K-Energy Co., Ltd., Fund:USD1.2Mil., Period:2012.5~2014.4)
(※Annotation: Siliconvalue Co., Ltd. and K-Energy Co., Ltd. are an affiliated companies of Technovalue Co., Ltd.)

Primary Sources of Funding: Federal Grant

Looking for: Development / License Partners