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Neumann Systems Group, Colorado, United States


NeuStream®-EOR systems are unique field deployable sources of power and CO2 for enhanced oil recovery (EOR), aimed at liberating oil reserves that cannot be accessed with the existing limited sources of CO2. Such transportable sources of CO2 are not feasible with any other existing CO2 capture technology.

Primary Application Area: Conventional Energy

Technology Development Status: Prototype

Technology Readiness Level: TRL 6


Value Proposition: Liberating stranded oil reserves by providing innovative carbon dioxide and power solutions. Supplying transportable systems to capture/compress CO2 and generate power for enhanced oil recovery operations at a competitive price at any location. Designing CO2 capture systems from exhaust gas of power generating equipment per specific location requirements.


Organization Type: Corporation

Showcase Booth #: 740



Government Funding/Support to Date: The proprietary flat jet technology at the heart of our compact, highly efficient gas-liquid contactor was developed through multiple DOD programs from 2005 to 2009.
NSG has completed testing of an $864k ($164k NSG cost share) NETL test program (through a grant from EERC: UND01-0000009939 CLIN). A multi-stage carbon dioxide flat jet system was successfully built and tested at the EERC test facility. The capture efficiency data indicate the absorber provided a specific surface area three times the specific surface area achieved in traditional packed towers.
NSG has received a $9 million contract from DOE/NETL (DE-FOA-0000403) to design, build and demonstrate a 0.5 MW carbon capture system. A design verification test stand was built and utilized to characterize contactor specific surface area and optimize the design of the absorber. The system was designed for 92% CO2 removal at 0.5MW gas flow, based on an absorber with nozzles optimized for CO2 capture; an innovative stripper design uses NSG flat jets for heat transfer and provides for utilization of low grade heat to improve upon steam usage for solvent regeneration. The 0.5MW demonstrator is ready for testing at Colorado Springs Utilities’ Martin Drake facility in January 2014.

Primary Sources of Funding: Angel, Friends, Family

Looking for: Funding