TechConnect Innovation Program

Integrated Software for Management and Analysis of Hepatitis C Genomic Data

gataca, Virginia, United States


Eradicating viral hepatitis remains a major healthcare priority; however the extreme mutagenicity of hepatitis genomes results in massive laboratory data accumulation and analysis bottlenecks not amenable with current methods. Our software application integrates innovative analysis tools adaptable to recognize specific viruses. Our pilot product is tailored to hepatitis C (HCV).

Primary Application Area: Biotech & Biological Sciences

Technology Development Status: Prototype

Technology Readiness Level: TRL 6


Value Proposition: Viral genomes mutate rapidly in their hosts to establish chronic infection. Tracking their mutations is vital for eradication and prevention, which current software does not accomplish. GATACA fills this unmet and high priority objective by providing a novel application to assist virologists from data generation to cure identification.


Organization Type: Mid-stage Startup (A or B)

Showcase Booth #: 943



Government Funding/Support to Date: We procured SBIR Phase I funding from the NSF in 2005, Phase I funding from the NIAID (NIH) in 2009, Phase II funding from the NIAID (NIH) in 2012. We have applied for Phase I funding from the NIAID for adapting our infrastructure to recognize hepatitis B virus (HBV) genomes. We received funding from the Center for Innovative Technology (CIT) from the Virginia Commonwealth in 2012.

Primary Sources of Funding: Personal Savings, Federal Grant

Looking for: Both Funding and Development Partners