TechConnect Innovation Program

Nanobiomimetic platform

Advanced Biomimetic Sensors, Inc., Maryland, United States


Nanobiomimetic technology is based on direct electrochemical communication between the sensor and the analyte. It offers superior selectivity, sensitivity, accuracy, fast and affordability for monitoring diseases without environmental contamination. The electrolyte-free and air-independent technology offers an order of magnitude higher power, energy density and capacitance than conventional technologies.

Primary Application Area: Biotech & Biological Sciences

Technology Development Status: Prototype

Technology Readiness Level: TRL 6


Value Proposition: Patients request the devices and anticipated 10X ROI return. The valuation is $10M based on: grants and initial investments, patents strength, industry recognition, future expanded product line in 5 markets. Projected in a total of $117-240M in the revenue within the future 10-15 years is expected.


Organization Type: Mid-stage Startup (A or B)

Showcase Booth #: 958



Government Funding/Support to Date: ABS received HHS therapeutic discovery grant $105k from Nov. 2011 to Dec 2012 and Technology development fund of $40k from Montgomery County Economic Development Department of Maryland, from March 2010 to August 2010. We had submitted a grant application for $5 million in a cancer detection device for global health that teamed up with a Sony DADC, RPM, and Groundswell Technologies and a preclinical oncology validation team. We are planning to submit SBIR grant application in DOD’s program.

Primary Sources of Funding: Angel, Friends, Family, Venture Capital, Corporate Partner, Personal Savings, Federal Grant

Looking for: Both Funding and Development Partners