TechConnect Innovation Program

Clean Ocean Wave to Electricity Conversion

Able Technologies, L.L.C., New Jersey, United States


Patented, clean, renewable conversion of ocean wave energy to electricity without hydraulic fluid requirements. Optional, optimal supplement to offshore wind turbines. A functional sub-scale prototype is in existence. Efficiently and effectively utilizes both rising and falling kinetic wave energy using a low-maintenance, self-cleaning, and environmentally safe design.

Primary Application Area: Renewable & Hydrogen Energy

Technology Development Status: Prototype

Technology Readiness Level: TRL 4


Value Proposition: Able’s EGWaP is designed to: withstand harsh marine conditions and storm surges, be low maintenance (self-cleaning characteristics) and operate for up to 30 years. This presents an opportunity to produce clean, secure, renewable, cost effective electric power. Units can be ocean bottom attached or attached to offshore wind turbines.


Organization Type: Early-stage Startup (Seed)

Showcase Booth #: 838



Government Funding/Support to Date: Under the auspices of the United States Department of the Interior, Able Technologies, L.L.C. was granted deployment and testing support at the Ohmsett outdoor salt water wave tank laboratory located in Leonardo, New Jersey at the U. S. Naval Weapons Station-Earle Facility. The Electricity Generating Wave Pipe underwent rigorous tests that were successfully completed. Tests were of a week’s duration and were observed by government personnel.

Primary Sources of Funding: Personal Savings

Looking for: Development / License Partners