Fuel Cells and Hydrogen

Confirmed Invited Speakers

Xingbo  LiuFundamental Understanding of Oxygen Reduction Reaction Kinetics and Improving Electrochemical Performance of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Cathode
Xingbo Liu
Associate Professor & Associate Chair for Research Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Department, West Virginia University

Fuel cells convert chemical energy from a fuel into electricity through chemical reaction with oxygen or another oxidizing agent. Hydrogen is the most common fuel. The technology promises more sustainable energy generation, particularly for transportation. This symposium focuses on technical challenges and success stories in fuel cell development and commercialization; and in hydrogen generation and storage. It provides a forum in which technology innovators discuss technology solutions with researchers from leading the industrial, academic, and government laboratories, and with the corporate and venture community.

Symposium Sessions

Wednesday June 18

8:30Fuel Cells
10:30Hydrogen Technologies
Fuel Cells & Hydrogen - Posters 4:00

Symposium Program

Wednesday June 18

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8:30Fuel CellsPotomac 6
Session chair: Chris Menzel, Dimatix, Inc., US
8:30Fundamental Understanding of Oxygen Reduction Reaction Kinetics and Improving Electrochemical Performance of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Cathode (invited presentation)
X. Liu, West Virginia University, US
8:55Enhanced fuel cell performance with modified Nafion® membranes
L. Krishnan, G. Yeager, K. Clark, J. Kerr, G. Soloveichik, T. Miebach, GE Global Research, US
9:15Analytic and Numerical Modeling of Glucose-fueled Enzymatic Biofuel Cell Performance
S. Uno, Y. Nakaoki, Y. Isezaki, Ritsumeikan University, JP
9:35Carbon Nanotube Matrices for implantable Biofuel Cell design
M. Holzinger, A. Le Goff, S. Cosnier, CNRS - University of Grenoble, FR
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10:30Hydrogen TechnologiesPotomac 6
Session chair: Chris Menzel, Dimatix, Inc., US
10:30Hydrogen Recharge Dynamics and Vessel Design for Porous Silicon Storage Media
P.J. Schubert, A. Urbanek, IUPUI, US
10:50Metal Organo-Clays as potential adsorbents for hydrogen storage
A. Azzouz, S. Nousir, N. Bouazizi, R. Roy, University of Quebec at Montreal, CA
11:10Molecular Hydrogen Storage in Fullerenes for Use on Board Fuel Cell Vehicles – A Density Functional Theory Study
D.J. Durbin, N.L. Allan, C. Malardier-Jugroot, Royal Military College, CA
11:30Hydrogen Generation from Thermochemical Water-Splitting Using Core Shell Ni-Ferrite/Y2O3 Nanoparticles
V.S. Amar, R.V. Shende, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology, US
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Fuel Cells & Hydrogen - Posters 4:00Potomac Registration Hall
-Ammonia Decomposition over Ni Supported on Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotubes: Effect of Surface Functional Groups
H. Zhang, Y. Alhamed, Y. Kojima, A. Al-Zahrani, H. Idriss, L. Petrov, M. Daous, King Abdulaziz University, SA
-Analysis of low temperature effects on the performance of SEPIC in a fuel cell system
M.D. Noh, S. Kim, Y.-W. Park, Chungnam National University, KR
-Hydrogen storage by reduced graphene oxide and graphene-like nanosheets decorated with Fe nanoclusters
M.S.L. Hudson, O.N. Srivastava, S. Simizu, S.G. Sankar, Central University of Tamil Nadu, IN
-Large Stranded Renewables: The International Renewable Hydrogen Transmission Demonstration Facility (IRHTDF)
W. Leighty, The Leighty Foundation, US
-Large Stranded Renewable Energy: Alternatives to Electricity for Transmission and Low-cost Firming Storage as Pipelined Hydrogen and Ammonia Carbon-free Fuels
W. Leighty, The Leighty Foundation, US

Topics & Application Areas

  • Fuelcell Technologies & Applications
  • Membrane Technologies
  • Hydrogen Generation & Production Methods
  • Hydrogen Storage
  • Hydrogen Applications
  • Case Studies & Best Practices
  • Other

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