Carbon Nano Structures & Devices

Carbon Nano Structures & Devices

Symposium Chair

Wolfgang S. BacsaWolfgang S. Bacsa
University of Toulouse, France

Confirmed Invited Speakers

Ica Manas-ZloczowerCarbon Nanotube Dispersion in Composite Materials- Challenges and Potential Solutions
Ica Manas-Zloczower
Professor of Advanced Materials and Energy, Case Western Reserve University
Satish KumarDevelopments in and potential of polymer /nano composites
Satish Kumar
Professor, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
Philip BradfordAdvanced Materials Based on Carbon Nanotube Textiles
Philip Bradford
Assistant Professor, Fiber and Polymer Science, North Carolina State University
Gilbert Daniel  NessimSynthesis of carbon nanostructures: science and applications to energy devices
Gilbert Daniel Nessim
Lecturer, Bar Ilan University, Israel

Symposium Sessions

Tuesday June 17

3:00CNS Sensors

Wednesday June 18

8:30CNS Growth
10:30CNS Assembly & Devices
1:30CNS Aerospace Industry Applications
Carbon Nano Structures & Devices - Posters 4:00

Symposium Program

Tuesday June 17

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3:00CNS SensorsNational Harbor 8
Session chair: Wolfgang S. Bacsa, University of Toulouse, FR (bio)
3:00Wireless flexible strain sensor based on Carbon Nanotube piezoresistive networks for embedded measurement of strain in concrete
F. Michelis, B. Lebental, C.-S. Cojocaru, J.-L. Sorin, Y. Bonnassieux, IFSTTAR, FR
3:20Ultrafast Integrated Humidity and Temperature Sensor Based on Carbon Nanotubes, and a Sensor Controller System
V. Kayastha, S. Gibbons, R. Giedd, Brewer Science, Inc., US
3:40Harnessing the resistive-elastic behavior of novel CNT-graphene hybrid foams for practical sensing applications
F. Wolmarans, H.H. Van, S.J. Li, T. Liu, M. Zhang, Florida State University, US
4:00Ultrathin, Crumpled Graphene-Graphite Transistor Arrays for Three-dimensional Bioelectronics
S. Chun, M.C. Wang, R. Han, S. Nam, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, US

Wednesday June 18

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8:30CNS GrowthMagnolia 3
Session chair: Wolfgang S. Bacsa, University of Toulouse, FR (bio)
8:30Synthesis of carbon nanostructures: science and applications to energy devices (invited presentation)
G.D. Nessim, Bar Ilan University, IL (bio)
8:55Pulsed Laser Deposition of Carbon Nanomaterials
W.T. Mozet, S.D. Tse, B. Kear, M. Chhowalla, S-W Cheong, Rutgers University, US (bio)
9:15Inducing Aromaticity Patterns and Tuning the Electronic Transport of Graphene Nanoribbons via Edge Design
S. Fias, F.J. Martin-Martinez, G. Van Lier, F. De Proft, P. Geerlings, Free University Brussels (VUB), BE
9:35Controlled Growth of Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes for Electronic Devices
F.Z. Bouanis, E. Norman, V. Huc, M. Chaigneau, J.L. Maurice, C.S. Cojocaru, Ecole polytechnique (LPICM )/IFSTTAR/ICMMO-PARIS-SUD, FR
9:55The synthesis "holey carpet" of CNT by using CVD method
E. Shawat, C.L. Pint, D. Nessim, Bar-Ilan university, IL
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10:30CNS Assembly & DevicesMagnolia 3
Session chair: Wolfgang S. Bacsa, University of Toulouse, FR (bio)
10:30Advanced Materials Based on Carbon Nanotube Textiles (invited presentation)
P. Bradford, North Carolina State University, US (bio)
10:55Wafer-scale integration of in-situ grown carbon nanotube membranes: a platform to study electrical properties
H. Le Poche, H. Guerin, A. Fournier, R. Ramos, M. Fayolle, M. Delaunay, J. Dijon, A.M. Ionescu, CEA LITEN, FR
11:15Promoter-free continuous synthesis of high purity single wall carbon nanotube fibers
C. Paukner, K.K.K. Koziol, University of Cambridge, UK
11:35High efficient lighting devices with carbon nanotubes
K.C. Park, Kyung Hee University, KR
11:55Strong Antibacterial Fibers From Lysozyme and Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes
V.A. Davis, D.W. Horn, G. Ao, M. Maugey, C. Zakri, P. Poulin, Auburn Unviersity, US
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1:30CNS Aerospace Industry ApplicationsMagnolia 3
Session chair: Wolfgang S. Bacsa, University of Toulouse, FR (bio)
1:30Developments in and potential of polymer /nano composites (invited presentation)
S. Kumar, Georgia Institute of Technology, US (bio)
1:55Manufacturing Transparent Flexible EMI Shields Through OFFSET Printing
H. Cho, S. Somu, A. Busnaina, Center for High-rate Nanomanufacturing, US
2:15Carbon Nanotube Tape and Yarn for Wire and Cable Applications
M. White, P. Kujawski, Nanocomp Technologies, Inc., US
2:35Electron Tomography of Carbon Nanostructed Composites
T.F. Lam, B. Natarajan, J.P. Winterstein, N. Lachman, A.A. Herzing, P. Kabro, B. Wardle, R. Sharma, J.A. Liddle, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
2:55Carbon Nanotube Dispersion in Composite Materials- Challenges and Potential Solutions (invited presentation)
I. Manas-Zloczower, Case Western Reserve University, US (bio)
3:20Continuous Boron-Nitride Nanotube Yarn
D.S. Lashmore, University of New Hampshire, US
3:403-D characterization of carbon nanotube-polymer composites using scanning electron microscopy and confocal Raman microscopy
M.H. Zhao, R.J. Cannara, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
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Carbon Nano Structures & Devices - Posters 4:00Potomac Registration Hall
-Printed High-performance Carbon Nanotube Thin Film Transistors Based on Poly[(9,9-dioctylfluorenyl-2,7-diyl)-co-(1,4-benzo-2,1-3-thiadiazole)] (PFO-BT) Sorted Large-diameter Semiconducting Carbon Nanotubes (sc-SWCNTs)
Z. Liua, J. Zhaoa, W. Xua, L. Qiana, Z. Cuia, Printable Electronics Research Centre, Suzhou Institute of Nanotech and nano-bionics, Chinese Academy of Sciences,, CN
-Improvement of contact resistance in transparent thin film transistor by applying an Al/SWCNTs bilayer as electrodes
S.J. Lee, Yonsei University, KR
-Carbon Nanotube inks for dip-pen nanolithography patterning
C. Schindler, A. Goins, S. Singh, S.A. Catledge, D.R. Dean, University of Alabama at Birmingham, US
-Dynamics of carbon nanopillar growth on bulk and thin substrates irradiated by a focused electron beam
G.S. Zhdanov, A.D. Manukhova, M.S. Lozhkin, St. Petersburg State University, RU
-Development of carbon nanotubes ionization-based sensor for measuring concentration of ammonia
N.M. Mohamed, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, MY
-Continuous Large-Scale Production of High Quality Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes with Controlled Parameters
O.A. Kuznetsov, E. Pigos, NanoSynthesis Ltd., US
-Dispersion of Carbon Nanotubes with Organic Dyes
W. Zhang, C. Wu, W. Zhang, Dalian University of Technology, CN

Carbon nanostructures (CNS) provide some of the most promising materials in nanotechnology and have already found commercial application in a range of applications. The combination of molecular sized diameter with macroscopic length scale and with optical and electrical conductance in carbon nanotubes leads to novel properties. Structures such as carbon nanohorns provide exceptionally large surfaces areas at the nanoscale. Progress in large scale synthesis, precise positioning and assembling on semiconductor surfaces, electrical connection to electrodes and new methods for incorporating and dispersing CNS in a solid matrix continues to widen their application range.

This event will also incorporate sessions from the special Nanotech 2014 Graphene symposium. Papers on graphene synthesis and applications can be submitted in either location.

Please join industrial and academic innovators at this exciting event.

Topics & Application Areas

  • Aerospace industry applications
  • Solar & battery applications
  • Biomedical applications of nanotubes
  • Carbon nanotube based devices
  • CNT structure: MWNT, SWNT, DWNT
  • Optical properties & light emission
  • Novel synthesis methods
  • Composites
  • Graphene synthesis & applications
  • Characterization
  • Health impact & applications
  • Other

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