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Membrane Dehydrator

Compact Membrane Systems, Inc., Delaware, United States


Compact Membrane Systems is developing a membrane based system to remove water, dissolved water and dissolved gasses with a wide range of applications including oils, ionic liquids, pharmaceutical processes, and biomass applications . The easily deployed and simple system was initially developed for lubrication and hydraulic fluids.

Primary Application Area: Materials & Chemical

Technology Development Status: Commercial Product

Technology Readiness Level: TRL 8


Value Proposition: The removal of water from a plethora of other liquids provides a platform technology that can spawn myriad applications. The invention is discussed in Patent 8,506,815 B2 issued August 13, 2013. The return on investment to customers encompasses lower capital cost, energy savings, scalability, and maintenance free membrane operation.


Organization Type: Corporation

National Innovation Awardee

Showcase Booth #: 842



Government Funding/Support to Date: CMS was awarded Phase III Xlerator Program, “High Performance Hollow Fiber Membranes for Lubricating Fluid Dehydration and Stabilization Systems”. This award is sponsored by DOE/EERE at $2,869,820 for 4 years. This project was specifically targeted to commercialize a membrane system to dehydrate gear oil in wind turbines. At the present time we have developed 3 products in this family: a small unit that is installed in “kidney loop” fashion on the wind turbine gearbox, and two self contained fully portable units for batch processing oil reservoirs. Spin off applications to date have been successfully tested in hydraulic units at nuclear power plants, steel mills and paper mills and resulted in sales. CMS is initiating early studies with the US Coast Guard to determine applicability of the system to PAG oils.

Primary Sources of Funding: Federal Grant

Looking for: Both Funding and Development Partners