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Spectral Sciences Inc., Massachusetts, United States


A compact, low-cost thermal infrared camera uses a spectral imaging technology innovation to acquire and display a map of detected targets overlaid on a wide-band thermal image. MEMS based image encoding using a single-element detector instead of an expensive focal plane reduces cost, data storage, size, weight, and power.

Primary Application Area: Aerospace & Defense

Technology Development Status: Prototype

Technology Readiness Level: TRL 5


Value Proposition: Low size, weight, power consumption infrared hyperspectral imaging for improved detection and discrimination of gas, liquid and solid materials.


Organization Type: Corporation

National Innovation Awardee

Showcase Booth #: 857



Government Funding/Support to Date: Rapid Innovation Fund BAA “Compact, Low-cost, Stand-off Detection of Trace Explosives and Other Threats” This $3M effort, funded by DTRA, is a technology transition program to develop a compact, TRL 6 operational field test prototype Thermal infrared, Reconfigurable, Analysis Camera for Explosive Residue (TRACER) passive chemical sensor. While classified as a hyperspectral imager; TRACER uses hardware compression of the collected spectral image signal to eliminate the lengthy collection time and complicated software processing of other HSI sensors. **** DTRA Phase I/II SBIR “Chemical/Biological Agent Standoff Detection” Adaptive Multiplexed Spectrometer (AMS) predecessor technology to TRACER. Developed low-cost, low-size weight power IR spectral imager using DMD encoding and demonstrated gaseous chemical detection. **** Air Force Phase I/II SBIR and MDA Enhancement “Adaptive Spectral Imager for the EKV” SSI’s first thermal IR HSI using DMD encoding technology. Wide band imagery at FPA frame rate for missile tracking and multiplexed hyperspectral spectral imagery for material-based detection. **** Army Phase I/II SBIR “Fast Adaptive Spectrometer Programmable for the Evaluation of Combustion (FASPEC)” Near Infrared multi-channel Near Infrared spectrometer using DMD encoding. **** DOE Phase I/II SBIR, “Real Time Remote Detection of HR-VOC” Algorithms and detection methodology for detection and analysis of flare stack emissions using HSI.

Primary Sources of Funding: Federal Grant

Looking for: Both Funding and Development Partners