TechConnect Innovation Program

High Efficiency Solar Cells

Beet Inc, Oregon, United States


Beet Inc. is developing a high efficiency solar cell focused on a new absorber material platform. The proposed technology based on abundant, low-cost raw materials patented by company founders, enables simple polycrystalline thin film solar cell manufacturing in tandem geometry.

Primary Application Area: Renewable & Hydrogen Energy

Technology Development Status: Concept

Technology Readiness Level: TRL 3


Value Proposition: Beet provides PV module manufacturers a proprietary absorber material integrated into thin film solar cells. Beet cells achieve: *high conversion efficiency over 20%,
*lower module cost than competing thin film technologies,
*high volume manufacturing with sustainable materials,and
*manufacturing using established processes with minimal new capital investment.


Organization Type: Early-stage Startup (Seed)

National Innovation Awardee

Showcase Booth #: 811



Government Funding/Support to Date: Beet’s innovation originates from a targeted research of new absorber materials funded via the Center of Inverse Design, an Energy Frontier Research Center, DOE, Office of Basic Energy Science. Best-of-class materials, selected from hundreds of candidates, exhibit physical properties that outperform existing thin film absorber materials on the market. The material’s family selected for PV integration by Beet Inc. can bring a disruptive high-efficiency solution to the PV market. Ongoing research effort is focused on design-based materials to enable unconcentrated solar cells exceeding 30% efficiency.

Primary Sources of Funding: Federal Grant, University

Looking for: Development / License Partners