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TechConnect is pleased to host the 2014 Innovation Showcase, highlighting top industry vetted technologies, federal agencies and leading corporate innovation partners.  Come meet with the companies and research organizations poised to transform our innovation economy.

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Display/Showcase & Reception Dates:

  • Tuesday, June 17, 9:30 am - 12:00 pm & 5:00 pm - 7:30 pm
  • Wednesday, June 18, 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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Showcase Participants

838Able Technologies, L.L.C. (Clean Ocean Wave to Electricity Conversion)
848AC3B Technologies Ltd.* (AC3B technology)
859Actasys Inc* (A modular active flow control system for aerodynamic drag reduction in ground freight transportation)
958Advanced Biomimetic Sensors, Inc. (Nanobiomimetic platform)
950AES, Inc.* (Nano-Enhanced Hydrophobic Surfaces)
632Alexium Government Solutions (AGS), LLC* (NYCOLON - Flame Retardant for BDUs)
235American Maglev Technology of Florida, Inc. (Flywheel Energy Storage System)
811AMES Technology, Inc.* (AMES Technology, Inc)
753Applied Sensor Research & Development Corporation* (Passive wireless sensors for extreme environments)
707Argonne National Laboratory (Functional Hard Carbon Microspheres from Plastic Waste)
707Argonne National Laboratory (Sequential Infiltration Synthesis (SIS)
707Argonne National Laboratory (Synthesizing Pharmaceuticals Using Containerless Processing (IN-10-011))
707Argonne National Laboratory (The Rhodobacter Membrane Protein Expression System)
649Ariel University R&D Co. Ltd.* (Concealed Weapons Detector)
649Ariel University R&D Co. Ltd. (Creating stable suspensions from hydrophobic powders)
639Arizona Technology Enterprises* (Improved High Temperature Electrolyte for Fuel Cells)
639Arizona Technology Enterprises (Responsive Dynamic 3D Tactile Display)
639Arizona Technology Enterprises (Silicon Clathrate Anodes for Lithium-Ion Batteries)
639Arizona Technology Enterprises (Transformer-less Inverters for Photovoltaic Systems)
641ASSETT (Configurable Extensible Integrated Bridge System)
652Aston University* (Next Generation Point-of-Care Biosensing Device)
824ATGI* (Hi-powered Ram Air Turbine, (HiRAT))
951Atoptix, LLC. (High resolution spectroscopy on smart phones: a new way to monitor health)
811Beet Inc* (High Efficiency Solar Cells)
640Bethune International Peace Hospital (TiO2 nanowired DL-3-n-butylphthalide (DL-NBP) ameliorates pathophysiology of concussive head injury)
650Biomedical Research Foundation of the Academy of Athens (PROTEOMARKERS BIOTECH (PMB))
723Biotechnology Institute, National University of La Rioja* (Pharmaceutical composition and pharmacological treatment for enhancement of methadone analgesia and prevention of methadone tolerance.)
938Brookhaven National Laboratory (Fast Superconducting Re-closer for Medium voltage Grid Applications)
938Brookhaven National Laboratory* (High Density Surface Nanotextures for Broadband, Omnidirectional Antireflection)
755CARAMELTECH* (Intragastric Balloon with Novel Inflate/Deflate Mechanism and Reduced Risk in Patients)
752Care Team Solutions* (iDropper: an adherence solution to improve ocular medication delivery)
752Care Team Solutions (Subaid: a mobile solution to improve adherence for substance use disorders)
758CELLTRONIX (KrioBlast™)
817Center for Nanoelectronics and devices, the American University in Cairo/Zewail city for Science and Technology (Solar Grid-tie inverter)
956Central Signal, LLC (Railroad and Highway Vehicle Detection with Magnetic Sensors)
656Chromation Partners LLC* (Low cost spectral sensor for light and color measurement)
842Compact Membrane Systems, Inc.* (Membrane Dehydrator)
851Cromoz Inc (Non Toxic Water Soluble Nano Carbon Particles)
851Cromoz Inc (Non Toxic Water Soluble Nano Carbon Particles that can pass through the “Blood Brain Barrier” and have been conjugated with Taxol for sustained slow release)
623Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Texas A&M University (Adaptive Implant Technologies)
756Design Interactive Inc.* (ScreenADAPT)
719Dot Metrics Technologies (UV Pearl a UVC LED based Water Disinfection System)
646ELEMENTS SRL (Microelectronic systems for nanosensors interfaces)
757Elinor Specialty Coatings* (Aluma45 Magnesium-Rich Primer)
745Energia Technologies, Inc. (Production of Drop-in Biojet and Biodiesel from Nonedible and Renewable Resources)
904ENFINE CO., LTD. (Microwave vacuum drying technology including potential new technology -microwave freeze drying)
904EnSilTech Corporation (TBDB (Temporary Bonding and De-Bonding) for fabricating flexible AMOLED)
751Epinova Biotech SrL* (Epigel)
811eWindSolutions LLC (Airborne Wind Energy Utilizing a Fixed Wing Technology)
845Flex Technology Inc* (Flexible shafts)
836framergy, Inc.* (CONEKTIC)
943gataca (Integrated Software for Management and Analysis of Hepatitis C Genomic Data)
622Graphene Frontiers* (Continuous Etch-Free Transfer of Graphene)
622Graphene Frontiers (Ultra-sensitive and multiplexed chemical sensors for Homeland Security and Environmental detection applications.)
622Graphene Frontiers (Ultra-sensitive Biosensors for Clinical Diagnostics and Research)
606Griffith University* (Processes enabling low cost graphene/silicon carbide MEMS)
606Griffith University (SABEL Sense - Product development kit for wearable smart technology)
904Gyeongsang National University (Low Dose Anticancer Nano Drug (Nano Carbon)//Lung Cancer Application)
852Harvard University* (SEPIA Displays)
855HOLOEYE Systems, Inc.* (Small, Lightweight, and Affordable Head Up Display (HUD))
719Inanovate, Inc (Next generation protein multiplexing)
422Innovative Surface Technologies, Inc.* (Innovative Technologies to Effectively Treat Multi-Drug Resistant and/or Biofilm-Embedded Bacteria)
954inXsol* (ExposureTrack®)
840ISSAC Corp (Intelligent, Adaptive Needs Elicitation – The Elicitor)
904JN’s Tech Inc. (Hydrogen Water Generator(Purifier) by using Polyelectrolyte)
741King Saud University* (New natural insulating material)
110Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH)* (The epoxy resin for ultra-low CTE (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion) composite up to 1ppm/℃)
110Korea Institute of Industrial Technology(KITECH)* (3-dimensional porous scaffolds for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine)
110Korea Institute of Industrial Technology(KITECH) (Wound management products of cellulose derivatives)
904Korea Optron Co. (MEMS Scanner Chip & Optical Probe for Optical Coherence Tomography)
812Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology* (Practical and Effective Methods for Graphene Surface Cleaning)
812Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology (KRICT) (A new and cost-effective process for direct production of lactide as a monomer of polylactic acid(PLA))
812Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology (KRICT) (High value-added production of butadiene from biomass-based process)
812Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology (KRICT) (Reinforced composite membrane for fuel cell using hydrocarbon based polymers)
759KWJ Engineering Inc (Ultra Low Power, Chip Scale Gas Sensors for Advanced Applications)
618Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (amoebaPURE: Amoeba as Natural Containers for Pathogen Transport)
618Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory* (Energy Absorbing Materials: Designer cushioning using advanced manufacturing)
816Lehigh University* (A Novel Decontamination Process for Powders for Transparent Ceramics)
816Lehigh University (Enzymes with robust, pH-tunable degradation selectivity for a broad range of polysaccharides)
816Lehigh University (Miniature Medical Oxygen Concentrator)
816Lehigh University* (Rapid Synthesis of Titanate Nanofibers)
816Lehigh University (Space-division Multiplexing Optical Coherence Tomography)
643Logos Technologies (Rhamnolipids: Sulfate & Phosphate free Biodegradable Surfactants)
737Louisiana State University (Advanced Organic Photovoltaic Films)
737Louisiana State University (Light-Activated Nanoparticle Based Gene Delivery System)
737Louisiana State University Agricultural Center* (Nanocomposite Foams for Critical Size Bone Defect Repair)
737LSU Health Sciences Center - New Orleans (New therapeutics for E6AP-associated disorders)
737LSU Health Sciences Center - New Orleans (Novel therapeutic for the treatment of ocular pathologies)
750Luminit, LLC (Holographic Gun Site, CHMSL, Holographic Spectrometer, Large 2D and 3D screen, double-sided diffusers)
904MAPTech co., ltd (Power transfer for smart device)
619Marshall University Research Corporation - Technology Transfer Office (Therapeutic applications of Cerium Oxide nanoparticles in treatment of polymicrobial sepsis induced multi-organ dysfunction syndrome)
655McQ Inc. (Flying Insect Sampling Device (FISDe))
742Medgene Labs (Medgene Labs / Vaccines for Infectious and Emerging Zoonotic Diseases)
659Metamagnetics Inc. (Self-biased Circulators for Size Weight and Power Restricted Applications)
937Microflow CVO, Inc.* (Micromixers, Microreactors, and Microreactor Systems)
611Middle Tennessee State University (Hydrogen Peroxide Electrochemical Sensor)
611Middle Tennessee State University (Medical applications of plants used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM))
611Middle Tennessee State University (Modification of spermatogonial stem cells to obtain heat resistant White Angus cattle)
611Middle Tennessee State University (Optical Sensor Based on Photonic Bandgap Multilayers)
611Middle Tennessee State University (Retrofit Kit for Conversion of Vehicles to Hybrids)
630Monarch Power (Lotus Mobile and Lotus Solar Awning)
714Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (Antimicrobial, antibacterial and spore germination inhibiting activity from an avocado extract enriched in bioactive compounds)
714Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (High performance process to produce probiotic biomass from lactic acid bacteria from not supplemented milk serum)
714Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education* (Nanofluids for lubricant and cooling applications)
714Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (Process for the regeneration of Agave salmiana via indirect organogenesis)
714Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (Ultra Low cost Over Production of High Value Chemicals in Carrot Tissue)
653N5 Sensors, Inc. (Nanoengineered Chemical Sensor Technology)
657Nanobrick Co. (Functional Nano Particles)
819NASA (Controlled metal nanoparticle decorated surfaces)
819NASA (Electric field imaging system)
819NASA-Langley (SansEC-A Multi-property Wireless Sensor Platform)
616National Energy Technology Laboratory (Cerium Oxide Diffusion Coating for Metallic Alloys)
616National Energy Technology Laboratory (Embedded Sensors for Extreme Temperatures and Harsh Environments)
616National Energy Technology Laboratory* (Fiber Supported Ionic Liquid Sorbents)
616National Energy Technology Laboratory (Variable Grid Method for Simultaneously Visualizing Spatial Data Trends and Uncertainty)
612National Renewable Energy Laboratory (Inverted Metamorphic Multijunction Technology)
612National Renewable Energy Laboratory (Novel Cellulase Enzyme)
612National Renewable Energy Laboratory (Photoelectrochemical (PEC) Production of Hydrogen)
612National Renewable Energy Laboratory (World's Most Efficient Data Center)
717National University of Singapore (Bio-Inspired MEMS Flow Sensor)
717National University of Singapore (Catalytic Hollow Fiber Membrane for Pure Hydrogen Production)
717National University of Singapore (Chemically Modified Nanofiltration Hollow Fiber Membranes for Heavy Metal Removal)
717National University of Singapore (Flat sheet Membranes for Osmotic Power Generation via Pressure Retarded Osmotic (PRO) Process)
717National University of Singapore* (Hollow Fiber Membrane for Dehydration of Organic Solvents via Pervaporation)
717National University of Singapore (Hollow Fiber Membranes Consisting of Polymers of Intrinsic Microporosity for Gas Separation)
717National University of Singapore (Hollow Fiber Membranes for Osmotic Power Generation via Pressure Retarded Osmosis (PRO))
717National University of Singapore (Method for Phosphorus Removal and Recovery from Municipal Wastewater)
717National University of Singapore (Multi-Excitation Optical Flowcell for Real-Time Fluorescence and Absorbance Measurements)
717National University of Singapore (One-Pot Mass Production of ultra-small functionalised Magnetic Nanoparticles)
717National University of Singapore* (Thin Film Composite Membranes on Ceramic for Pervaporation Dehydration of Organics)
740Neumann Systems Group (NeuStream-EOR)
953New Jersey Institute of Technology (Thermal Indicating Paints)
953New Jersey Institute of Technology (Vibration Powered Impact Recorder (VPIR))
953NJIT (Management and Operation of Grids: the Digital Power Grid)
738Northern Arizona University* (MoMeCCA - Moist membranes for the Cultivation and Collection of Algae)
738Northern Arizona University (Structural Supercapacitors)
707Northern Illinois University (3-D Electrodes for Ultrafast and Low-Voltage Driven Electrochromic Devices)
707Northern Illinois University (BANM (Bonding, Attenuated Noise, Monitoring) System for Infant Incubators/Beds)
707Northern Illinois University (Design and Synthesis of Novel Inhibitors of Isoprenoid Biosysnthesis)
707Northern Illinois University (Exoskeleton for Essential Tremor and Parkinson's Disease)
707Northern Illinois University (Ultra-Rapid Tissue Cyropreservation Method and Apparatus)
610Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Cast Alumina Forming Austenitic Stainless Steels)
610Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Lignin-Based Plastics for Composites)
610Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Low-Cost, Pyrolytic Carbon Black Composite Anodes For Lithium Ion Batteries)
610Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Smart Smoke Alarm)
Oceanit (Versatile Information Processing Architecture (VIPA))
856Orbital Research Inc. (PRMS - Physiologic Respiratory Monitoring System)
856Orbital Research Inc. (SilverBumps Electrodes – No Preparation Physiological Monitoring Electrodes)
811Oregon Health & Science University (Device for minimally invasive spinal surgery: a bioresorbable clip and applicator to replace traditional sutures.)
811Oregon Health & Science University (Disinfection device for medical access sites)
811Oregon Health & Science University (Method and device for non-invasive analyte measurement)
811Oregon Health & Science University (Non-invasive Detection of Melanoma)
811Oregon Health & Science University (Optical Fiber Spectroscopy Device for Noninvasively Measuring Tissue Perfusion)
811Oregon Health & Science University (Sleep Apnea Detection through Non-obtrusive Sleep Lab Monitoring)
811Oregon Health & Science University (Temperature-controlled Anesthetic Vapor Device for Clinical Use)
811Oregon Health & Sciences University (MRI Diagnosis and Monitoring of Osteoarthritis)
811Oregon State University (Cost-Effective Microchannel “Half-Array” Heat Exchangers)
811Oregon State University (Microchannel Flameless Heater)
811Oregon State University, Microproducts Breakthrough Institute* (Micronozzle Atomizer)
904PharmAbcine Inc* (Tanibirumab, a fully human anti-VEGFR2 monoclonal antibody)
955Pneumaticoat Technologies* (High throughput ALD)
654Pneumavision (Low cost digital X-ray detector)
811Polaris Battery Labs (Next generation batteries)
944PolyDrop* (Conductive Additives for Coating Solutions)
841PolymerPlus LLC* (Nanolayered Polymer Materials for GRIN Optics or Capacitors)
749Power Fingerprinting, Inc (Power Fingerprinting (PFP))
742Prairie AquaTech* (Prairie AquaTech / High Quality Protein Replacement)
854Princeton University (3D Touch and Gesture Capacitive Sensing System)
952Princeton University, Sphera Materials LLC (Commercial Production of Janus Particles)
957Pure Oleochemicals, LLC* (Purification of fatty acids with a membrane technology)
939QM Power, Inc. (Parallel Path Magnetic Technology (PPMT) and Q-Sync)
110Quegen Biotech* (A New Biomaterial, Beta-glucan Hydrogel Scaffold)
334Red Canyon Software Inc. (Integrated Scheduler-Planner And Reactive Executive (I-SPAREX))
614Sandia National Laboratories (Binder-free pelletization for porous molecular sieves, clays and metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), for applications in gas or ion selectivity.)
614Sandia National Laboratories (Sandia Hand)
614Sandia National Laboratories (Si Photonics for Optical Communications)
614Sandia National Laboratories (Supercritical CO2 Brayton for Compact High Efficiency Power Generation)
614Sandia National Laboratories (The Sandia Cooler)
844Sirrus, Inc. (Methylene malonates,sustainable energy-efficient polymer platform)
623Sketch Recognition Lab, Texas A & M university (HaptiMoto)
748Spectradyne LLC* (Nanoparticle Analyzer (NPA))
857Spectral Sciences Inc.* (TRACER)
853Spot On Sciences (HemaSpot)
843Structural Composites, Inc* (Next Generation Low Cost Light Weight Composite Technology)
810Sungkyunkwan University Foundation for Collaborate Business Team (A Low-cost Compact 9 MeV Cyclotron and FDG synthesizer for Radiopharmaceuticals Production System)
810Sungkyunkwan University Foundation for Collaborate Business Team (A novel technology to incorporate a conformal inorganic thin layer inside 3D microporous polyolefin separator film (or porous polymer membrane) for lithium battery)
810Sungkyunkwan University Foundation for Collaborate Business Team (Finger gesture-base three-dimension mobile user interface using a rear-facing camera)
810Sungkyunkwan University Foundation for Collaborate Business Team (In-Pipe Robot Using Multi-Out Differential Gear)
810Sungkyunkwan University Foundation for Collaborate Business Team (Mobile robot for inspecting, maintaining and repairing cables)
810Sungkyunkwan University Foundation for Collaborate Business Team (Solar Cell using Perovskite)
811SupraSensor Technologies (Field-Embedded Nutrient Sensor)
949SynShark LLC* (Squaliform)
904Technovalue Co., Ltd. (Fluidized bed reaction(FBR) process to manufacture a granular Polysilicon over 8N in quality and Continuous Czochralski(CCz) process to make high quality ingot with high throughput.)
752TeleHealth Holdings LLC (MedSignals/VitalSignals)
611Tennessee Technological Univ. (Prodigy hydrogels)
623Texas A&M University (Tailored Thermal Expansion Alloys)
623Texas A&M University at Qatar (A multi-tier system for remote administration of speech therapy)
623Texas Engineering Experiment Station (Computer-Aided Feature Extraction (CAFE))
817The American University in Cairo (An improved solution blending process for the fabrication of nylon6-montmorillonite nanocomposites)
817The American University in Cairo (Polymer-Carbon Nanotube Nanocomposite Porous Membranes)
642The MITRE Corporation (Periodic Mobile Forensics (PMF))
642The MITRE Corporation (Smart Phone Ad-Hoc Networking (SPAN))
642The MITRE Corporation (Time Anomaly Detection Appliqué (TADA))
Tissue Genesis, Inc. (Tissue Genesis Icellator Cell Isolation System)
904TM Co. Ltd. (Manufacturing of Fine Metal and Amorphous Alloy Powders)
742Tranzderm Solutions* (Tranzderm Solutions / Natural Drug Delivery Systems)
637Tufts University (Nanocarriers for intracellular protein and peptide‐based drug delivery)
724University of Central Florida (A Method for Masking and Removing Oil Stains from Rugged Solid Surfaces)
724University of Central Florida (Fuel From Waste Plastics)
724University of Central Florida (Hydrogen production from water - efficient method and apparatus)
724University of Central Florida (Low-profile conformal wireless passive sensors for harsh environment applications)
724University of Central Florida* (Manufacture of aluminum nanoparticles for increasing energy density in fuels)
724University of Central Florida (Nanoparticle-based Therapy for the Targeted Treatment of Metastatic Breast Cancer)
724University of Central Florida* (Novel CIGS/CdS Thin Film Solar Cells Using Selenium Precursor)
724University of Central Florida (Reduce Soot Using Oxide Nanoparticles to Increase Engine Efficiency)
850University of Freiburg (Next Generation Microarray Copying)
707University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign* (High conductivity reactive silver inks)
716University of Minnesota* (Degradable and sustainable thermoset polymers from sugar)
716University of Minnesota* (Flexible Electronics: Self-aligned lithography for roll-to-roll manufacturing)
716University of Minnesota (Highly Porous Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery)
716University of Minnesota* (Solar Thermochemical Reactor – Efficient Production of Fuels from Sunlight)
716University of Minnesota* (Solid-State Polymer Electrolyte Membrane)
942University of Waterloo (Mass Production of Pure a Few Layer Graphene Exfoliated Directly From Bulk Graphite)
942University of Waterloo* (Rechargeable Zinc-Air Battery System)
940University of Waterloo - WatCo (Low-cost batch fabrication of high aspect ratio AFM tips)
636Uppsala University (Ondansetron, a 5-HT3 receptor antagonist reduces major depression episodes exacerbated by nanoparticles intoxication)
636Uppsala University (Sleep deprivation in Military and Alertness are reduced by H-290/51 pretreatmentfor)
611Vanderbilt University (Filtergraph)
858VentriNova, Inc.* (Cardiac Regenerative Therapy)
645Vital Vio Inc. (Visible light disinfection through general illumination)
811VoxtelNano, a division of Voxtel, Inc (Low Cost Infrared Detectors)
651Yeda (Catalytic gasification of organic matter in super-critical water)
837Zuup Design LLC (Digital Cartridge Based Dispenser Platform for Real Time Medication Adherence Monitoring)
941Etiquetas Impresas Etipres S.A.
936IMET Corporation 
743Presco Incorporated

Corporate Partners

602Aerojet Rocketdyne
700BASF Corporation
603Capewell Systems, LLC 
605Corning Inc.
600Daikin America
703General Atomics
803Harris & Harris Group, Inc. 
601Lockheed Martin
712LORD Corporation
National Grid
711Oxford Instruments
701Robert Bosch LLC 
807SK Innovation
802United Technologies Research Center 

Federal Agency Partners

629Air Force SBIR/STTR Program Office 
625Army SBIR 
930Defense Logistics Agency
633Department of Commerce/NIST SBIR/STTR 
729Department of Defense SBIR/STTR
613Department of Energy 
830Department of Homeland Security SBIR 
631Department of Transportation SBIR/STTR
728MDA Advanced Research 
733National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration SBIR/STTR
833National Science Foundation SBIR/STTR
832US Small Business Administration 

Tech Development Partners

817American University in Cairo 
723Argentina Pavillion
707Argonne National Laboratory
604BCC Research
811Business Oregon
736Center for innovative Technology 
805Diversified Technologies, Inc.
622Graphene Frontiers
606Griffith University
707Illinois Science & Technology Coalition 
825Jameson & Company, CPAs 
611Launch Tennessee
618Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
816Lehigh University
619Marshall University
611Middle Tennesse State University
822NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
616National Energy Technology Laboratory 
612National Renewable Energy Laboratory 
717National University of Singapore 
719North Carolina Office of Science & Technology
702Northeastern University
707Northern Illinois University
610Oak Ridge National Laboratory 
811Oregon Health & Science University
811Oregon State University
614Sandia National Laboratories 
617Savannah River National Laboratory 
918Southern Maryland Innovation & Technology 
810Sungkyunkwan University 
714TEC DE MONTERREY - Technology Transfer Office 
725TechOpp Consulting, Inc. 
611Tennessee Tech University
623Texas A&M University
724University of Central Florida
716University of Minnesota, Office for Technology Commercialization 
611Vanderbilt University
823Virginia Economic Development 
924Virginia Tech
619West Virginia Development Office 
619West Virginia Univeristy
902World Gold Council