TechConnect National & Global Innovation Awards

TechConnect is proud to announce the annual TechConnect Innovation Awards. The TechConnect Innovation Awards identify the top 20% of submitted technologies as ranked by the TechConnect Corporate & Investment Partner Committee. Innovation rankings are based on the potential positive impact the submitted technology will have on a specific industry sector. Innovations are submitted from global academic technology transfer offices, early-stage companies, small business innovative research (SBIR) awardees, and government and corporate research laboratories.

National Innovation Awards

Submitted Innovations that have a clear U.S. federal funding history are eligible for the TechConnect National Innovation Award. The commercialization actions and success of these National Innovation Awardees will be tracked and reported back to their primary funding agency to encourage continued funding program support and to assist in accelerating the commercialization of American innovation.

Innovation Awards

Submitted Innovations that do not have a clear U.S. federal funding history are eligible for the TechConnect Global Innovation Award.. The commercialization actions and success of these Global Innovation Awardees will be tracked in order to assist in accelerating their international exposure to potential commercialization partners.

Awardee Information

National Innovation or Innovation Award details will e-mailed to the Awardees prior to the event. As an Awardee, you will be labeled as such at your Innovation Showcase booth and in all on-line material. You will also be provided with an electronic TechConnect National Innovation or TechConnect Innovation electronic award document and logo for display.

tech pictures
tech pictures

TechConnect 2014 National & Global Innovation Awardees

AC3B Technologies Ltd.AC3B technology
Actasys IncA modular active flow control system for aerodynamic drag reduction in ground freight transportation
AES, Inc.Nano-Enhanced Hydrophobic Surfaces
Alexium Government Solutions (AGS), LLCNYCOLON - Flame Retardant for BDUs
AMES Technology, Inc.AMES Technology, Inc
Applied Sensor Research & Development CorporationPassive wireless sensors for extreme environments
Ariel University R&D Co. Ltd.Concealed Weapons Detector
Arizona Technology EnterprisesImproved High Temperature Electrolyte for Fuel Cells
Aston UniversityNext Generation Point-of-Care Biosensing Device
ATGIHi-powered Ram Air Turbine, (HiRAT)
Beet IncHigh Efficiency Solar Cells
Biotechnology Institute, National University of La RiojaPharmaceutical composition and pharmacological treatment for enhancement of methadone analgesia and prevention of methadone tolerance.
Brookhaven National LaboratoryHigh Density Surface Nanotextures for Broadband, Omnidirectional Antireflection
CARAMELTECHIntragastric Balloon with Novel Inflate/Deflate Mechanism and Reduced Risk in Patients
Care Team SolutionsiDropper: an adherence solution to improve ocular medication delivery
Chromation Partners LLCLow cost spectral sensor for light and color measurement
Compact Membrane Systems, Inc.Membrane Dehydrator
Design Interactive Inc.ScreenADAPT
Elinor Specialty CoatingsAluma45 Magnesium-Rich Primer
Epinova Biotech SrLEpigel
Flex Technology IncFlexible shafts
framergy, Inc.CONEKTIC
Graphene FrontiersContinuous Etch-Free Transfer of Graphene
Griffith UniversityProcesses enabling low cost graphene/silicon carbide MEMS
Harvard UniversitySEPIA Displays
HOLOEYE Systems, Inc.Small, Lightweight, and Affordable Head Up Display (HUD)
Innovative Surface Technologies, Inc.Innovative Technologies to Effectively Treat Multi-Drug Resistant and/or Biofilm-Embedded Bacteria
King Saud UniversityNew natural insulating material
Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH)The epoxy resin for ultra-low CTE (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion) composite up to 1ppm/℃
Korea Institute of Industrial Technology(KITECH)3-dimensional porous scaffolds for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine
Korea Research Institute of Chemical TechnologyPractical and Effective Methods for Graphene Surface Cleaning
Lawrence Livermore National LaboratoryEnergy Absorbing Materials: Designer cushioning using advanced manufacturing
Lehigh UniversityA Novel Decontamination Process for Powders for Transparent Ceramics
Lehigh UniversityRapid Synthesis of Titanate Nanofibers
Louisiana State University Agricultural CenterNanocomposite Foams for Critical Size Bone Defect Repair
Microflow CVO, Inc.Micromixers, Microreactors, and Microreactor Systems
Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher EducationNanofluids for lubricant and cooling applications
National Energy Technology LaboratoryFiber Supported Ionic Liquid Sorbents
National University of SingaporeHollow Fiber Membrane for Dehydration of Organic Solvents via Pervaporation
National University of SingaporeThin Film Composite Membranes on Ceramic for Pervaporation Dehydration of Organics
Northern Arizona UniversityMoMeCCA - Moist membranes for the Cultivation and Collection of Algae
Oregon State University, Microproducts Breakthrough InstituteMicronozzle Atomizer
PharmAbcine IncTanibirumab, a fully human anti-VEGFR2 monoclonal antibody
Pneumaticoat TechnologiesHigh throughput ALD
PolyDropConductive Additives for Coating Solutions
PolymerPlus LLCNanolayered Polymer Materials for GRIN Optics or Capacitors
Prairie AquaTechPrairie AquaTech / High Quality Protein Replacement
Pure Oleochemicals, LLCPurification of fatty acids with a membrane technology
Quegen BiotechA New Biomaterial, Beta-glucan Hydrogel Scaffold
Spectradyne LLCNanoparticle Analyzer (NPA)
Spectral Sciences Inc.TRACER
Structural Composites, IncNext Generation Low Cost Light Weight Composite Technology
SynShark LLCSqualiform
Tranzderm SolutionsTranzderm Solutions / Natural Drug Delivery Systems
University of Central FloridaManufacture of aluminum nanoparticles for increasing energy density in fuels
University of Central FloridaNovel CIGS/CdS Thin Film Solar Cells Using Selenium Precursor
University of Illinois at Urbana ChampaignHigh conductivity reactive silver inks
University of MinnesotaDegradable and sustainable thermoset polymers from sugar
University of MinnesotaFlexible Electronics: Self-aligned lithography for roll-to-roll manufacturing
University of MinnesotaSolar Thermochemical Reactor – Efficient Production of Fuels from Sunlight
University of MinnesotaSolid-State Polymer Electrolyte Membrane
University of WaterlooRechargeable Zinc-Air Battery System
VentriNova, Inc.Cardiac Regenerative Therapy


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