Sustainable Materials - Industry Focus Program

The greatest gains, for industry and for our environment, are likely to come from adoption of sustainable materials or processes: materials that can be produced without depleting non-renewable resources and without disrupting the environment and key natural resource systems. Research and innovations in the Sustainable Materials track at TechConnect will highlight commercially viable new materials that will transform industry.

Join industry partners and applied research leadership accelerating the development and deployment of new material solutions into products and society.

Featured Speakers:

James H. Wang
Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Markus (Mark) D. Herrema

Sally Tinkle
Science & Technology Policy Institute

Stéphane Costeux
The Dow Chemical Company

Qinghuang Lin
IBM T. J. Watson Research Center

Seth Coe-Sullivan
QD Vision

Jakob Bredsguard
Biosynthetic Technologies

Ron Buckhalt

Wendel Wohlleben
BASF Advanced Materials, Germany

Eric Hoek
Water Planet Engineering

Omowunmi (Wummi) Sadik
State Univ. of New York at Binghamton

Igor Linkov
US Army Corps of Engineers

Sustainable Materials - Industry Focus Program:

Track Sessions

Monday June 16

11:00Sustainable Nano: Environmental Apps and EHS Implications I
11:00Carbon Capture/Utilization
11:00The Future of Transportation: BASF Special Session
1:30Materials for Sustainability & Efficiency
1:30Sustainable Nano: Environmental Apps and EHS Implications II
1:30Carbon Capture/Utilization
1:30Advanced Water Technologies
1:30Innovation Spotlights: Materials & Transportation: Sherwin Williams & BASF

Tuesday June 17

10:30Polymer Materials for Sustainability & Efficiency
10:30Sustainable Nano: Environmental Apps and EHS Implications III
10:30Nanomaterials for Catalysis I
1:00Nanotech incubator and commercialization basis—introducing Nanopolis Suzhou, China
1:30Innovation Spotlights: Energy: Shell & United Technologies
3:00Simulation & Informatics Based Catalysis Design
3:00Bio Sources for Materials
3:00Innovation Spotlights: Advanced Materials: BASF & Momentive

Wednesday June 18

8:30Innovation Spotlights: Advanced Materials: LORD & Saint Gobain
10:30Nanomaterials for Catalysis III
10:30Materials for Green Building
2:00Nanomaterials for Catalysis IV
2:00Materials for Sustainability & Efficiency III

Track Program

Monday June 16

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11:00Sustainable Nano: Environmental Apps and EHS Implications INational Harbor 6
Session chair: Philip Demokritou, Harvard School of Public Health; Barbara Karn, National Science Foundation (NSF)
11:00An Overview of Nanotoxicology (invited presentation)
V. Castranova, National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health, US (bio)
11:25Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Environmental Fate and Effects of Engineered Nanomaterials (invited presentation)
G.V. Lowry, Carnegie Mellon University, US (bio)
11:50In Vitro Assessment of Nano-Cerium Oxide (nCeO2) and Nano-Ferric Oxide (nFe2O3) on Fibrogenic and Carcinogenic Potential
L. Wang, D. Davidson, T. Stueckle, R. Derk, M. Chen, G.A. Sotiriou, P. Demokritou, S. Luanpitpong, J. Ma, R.R. Mercer, V. Castranova, Y. Rojanasakul, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, US
12:10Development of In-Vivo Screening Benchmarks for Complex Engineered Nanomaterials
S. Mahoney, M. Najera, Q. Bai, E. Burton, G. Veser, University of Pittsburgh, US
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11:00Carbon Capture/UtilizationChesapeake 6
Session chair: Elizabeth Burton, WESTCARB, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (bio)
11:00Overview of the U.S. DOE Carbon Capture Research and Development Program (invited presentation)
J.T. Litynski, D. Petrucci, M. Ackiewicz, U.S. DOE Office of Fossil Energy, US
11:25Pelletized silica and polyethyleneimine composites for CO2 capture via adsorption
G.P. Knowles, A.L. Chaffee, Monash University, AU
11:40Capturing and Using CO2 as Feedstock for Clean Chemical Processes Technologies
Y. Demirel, University of Nebraska Lincoln, US
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11:00The Future of Transportation: BASF Special SessionNational Harbor 2
11:00M. Minnichelli, BASF, US
11:20P. Vogt, Momentive, US
11:40TBA, Ingersoll Rand, US
12:00C. Chase, Lockheed Martin, US
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1:30Materials for Sustainability & EfficiencyAzalea 2
Session chair: YuanQiao Rao, Dow Chemical Company, US (bio)
1:30Sustainable Materials for Consumer Product Applications (invited presentation)
J.H. Wang, G. Wideman, A.F. Chen, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, US (bio)
1:55Turning Bioplastics into Commercial Reality: The Coca-Cola Company's Global PlantBottle(r) Program (invited presentation)
S. Vitters, Coca-Cola, US
2:20Organosolv Lignin as Additive for Polymers
A. Manesh, American Science and Technology, US
2:40Reinventing Plastic recycling
B. Wang, Stanford University, US
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1:30Sustainable Nano: Environmental Apps and EHS Implications IINational Harbor 6
Session chair: Charles L. Geraci, Jr., National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health; Wendel Wohlleben, BASF Advanced Materials
1:30Sustainable Nanotechnology: Defining, Measuring and Teaching the Emerging Field (invited presentation)
I. Linkov, US Army Engineer Research and Development Center, US (bio)
1:55SUN: Paving sustainable nano-innovation through lifecycle risk assessment, prevention and management (invited presentation)
A. Marcomini, D. Hristozov, K. Alstrup Jensen, V. Stone, J. Scott-Fordsmand, B. Nowack, A. Costa, O. Panzer, M. Dalla Valle, T. Fernandes, W. Wohlleben, T. Wilkins, University Ca' Foscari Venice, IT (bio)
2:20Outwitting the uncertainty of nanotechnology risks through environmental life cycle assessment
J. Steevens, M. Chappell, D. Janzen, D. Edwards, W. Shih, US Army Engineer Research and Development Center, US
2:40Analytical Tools for Identifying Better Paths Toward Sustainable Nanotechnology
M.E. Bates, I. Linkov, Z.A. Collier, US Army Engineer Research and Development Center, Environmental Lab, US
3:00Engineering Safer-By-Design Transparent, UV-Blocking ZnO Nanorods with Reduced DNA Damage Potential
G.A. Sotiriou, C. Watson, K.M. Murdaugh, G. Pyrgiotakis, P. Demokritou, Harvard University, US
3:20Potential artifacts when evaluating the ecotoxicological effects of nanomaterials
E.J. Petersen, T.B. Henry, J. Zhao, R.I. MacCuspie, T.L. Kirschling, B. Xing, M.A. Dobrovolskaia, V. Hackley, J.C. White, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US (bio)
3:40In vitro Model for Identifying Subchronic Carbon Nanotube Exposure and Lung Cancer Gene Markers
T. Stueckle, D. Davidson, R. Derk, T. Meighan, V. Castranova, Y. Rojanasakul, L. Wang, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, US
4:00Nanocellulose - Evaluation of the full spectrum of workplace health and safety
A.C. Eastlake, C.L. Geraci, CDC/NIOSH, US (bio)
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1:30Carbon Capture/UtilizationChesapeake 6
Session chair: Robert Quinn (bio)
1:30Carbon Utilization to Meet Climate Change Goals (invited presentation)
E. Burton, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, US
1:55Reducing Cost of CO2 Capture with Enzymes (invited presentation)
A. Zaks, Akermin, Inc., US (bio)
2:20Unlocking the potential of CO2 conversion to fuels and chemicals as an economically viable route to CCR
R. Masel, R. Ni, Z. Lu, Q. Chen, L. Nereng, D. Lutz, K. Lewinski, Dioxide Materials, US
2:40A Brief Overview of the U.S. DOE-FE, Clean Energy Systems, Office of Crosscutting Research/Advanced Energy Systems
D. Archer, U.S. Dept. of Energy, US
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1:30Advanced Water TechnologiesNational Harbor 8
Session chair: Armin Volkel, Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), US (bio)
1:30Reducing Energy Footprint of a Waste Water Treatment Plant by Increasing Harvesting Efficiency of Solids following Primary Clarification
A.R. Völkel, C.D. Lancaster, N. Chang, A. Kole, M. Stephenson, PARC, A Xerox Company, US
1:50Sustainable Approach for Biological Desalination of Seawater Using Microalgae
E. Sahle-Demessie, A.A. Hassan, A. Zhao, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, US
2:10IMET Wastewater Treatment and Reuse Technology
M.A. Gencer, P.M. Zakriski, K.E. Gencer, IMET Corporation, US
2:30Innovative Treatment of Shale Fracturing Flowback and Produced Water for Reuse or Discharge
B. Pakzadeh, B. Mastin, B. Chatterton, A. Vaillancourt, J. Renew, J. Wos, D. Philbrook, J. Min, C. Wardle, Southern Research Institute, US
2:50A Comparative Study on Sorption of As (V) ions on Hematite, Goethite and Magnetite Nanoparticles
H.I. Adegoke, F.A. Adekola, O.S. Fatoki, B.J. Ximba, University of Ilorin, NG
3:10Graphene/carbon nanotube hydrogels and aerogels for selective removal of oils and organic contaminants
S. Kabiri, D.N.H. Tran, D. Losic, The University of Adelaide, AU
3:30Effect of Support Structure on Permeance of Thin Film Composite Membranes
K. Ponnuru, H. Lin, E.P. Furlani, SUNY Buffalo, US
3:50Wettability of Carbon-Based Materials used for Selective Aqueous Filtration Media
D.J. Burnett, A.R. Garcia, R.E. Rogers, Surface Measurement Systems, Ltd., US
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1:30Innovation Spotlights: Materials & Transportation: Sherwin Williams & BASFNational Harbor 5
Session chair: Joel Marquis, Angel Capital Association, US
1:30Opening Remarks-Angel Investments in Materials & Transportation
J. Marquis, Angel Capital Association, US
1:40BASF-Strategic Innovation Interests
M. Gulbinska, BASF, US
1:55Sherwin Williams - Strategic Innovation Interests
M. Cameron, Sherwin Williams, US
2:10AC3B technology
R. Le Van Mao, AC3B Technologies Ltd., CA
2:17A modular active flow control system for aerodynamic drag reduction in ground freight transportation
D. Menicovich, Actasys Inc, US
2:24Micronozzle Atomizer
T. Miller, Oregon State University, Microproducts Breakthrough Institute, US
2:31Nanofluids for lubricant and cooling applications
M. Gonzales, Tecnologico de Monterrey, MX
2:38Next Generation Low Cost Light Weight Composite Technology
S. Lewit, Structural Composites, Inc, US
2:45Sherwin Williams, BASF Q&A

Tuesday June 17

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10:30Polymer Materials for Sustainability & EfficiencyChesapeake 10-12
Session chair: YuanQiao Rao, Dow Chemical Company, US (bio)
10:30Nanotechnology-Enabled Expansion of the Boundaries on Large Scale Low Energy Intensity Separations (invited presentation)
W.J. Koros, Georgia Institute of Technology, US (bio)
10:55Multi-functional Nanomaterials for Green Nanoelectronic Manufacturing (invited presentation)
Q. Lin, IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, US (bio)
11:20Polymeric nanocellular foams for thermal insulation: challenges and promises (invited presentation)
S. Costeux, The Dow Chemical Company, US (bio)
11:45Thermal Insulation Polyurethane Foams from a Green-Polyol and Containing Thermorregulating Microcapsules
M. Carmona, J.F. Rodríguez, A. Medino, A. Serrano, B. Talvera, I. Garrido, J.J. Cubillo, Acciona Infrastructures, ES (bio)
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10:30Sustainable Nano: Environmental Apps and EHS Implications IIIAzalea 3
Session chair: Barbara Karn, National Science Foundation (NSF), Philip Demokritou, Harvard School of Public Health
10:30Safer by Design- Is It Time? (invited presentation)
S. Tinkle, Science and Technology Policy Institute (STPI), US (bio)
10:55Evolution of Nanomaterial Environmental, Health, and Safety Management during Business Expansion (invited presentation)
M.A. Banash, Nanocomp Technologies, Inc., US
11:20Prevention through Design Concepts for Sustainable Development of Nanomaterials
L.L. Hodson, C.L. Geraci, NIOSH, US
11:40Poly-Cera™ Membrane Technology: Polymer Economics with Ceramic Performance (invited presentation)
S. Bhattacharjee, Water Planet Engineering, US (bio)
12:05Nanosensors: Tools for Achieving Sustainable Nanotechnology (invited presentation)
O. Sadik, State University of New York - Binghamton, US (bio)
12:30A Novel, Chemical free Intervention Nanotechnology For Fresh Produce Surface Disinfection Using Engineered Water Nanostructures
G. Pyrgiotakis, R. Mitchell, A. Vasanthakumar, Y. Gao, A. Dearaujo, M. Eleftheriadou, P. Demokritou, Harvard School of Public Health, US (bio)
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10:30Nanomaterials for Catalysis IPotomac 4
Session chair: Philippe Serp, Institute National Polytechnique de Toulouse, FR (bio)
10:30Catalysis and magnetic hybrid carbon nanotubes (invited presentation)
P. Serp, University of Notre Dame, US
10:55Organometallic Ruthenium Nanoparticles as a Model of study for Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis Reaction
L.M. Martinez-Prieto, K. Philippot, B. Chaudret, CNRS, FR
11:15Development of a hydroprocessing catalyst containing Boron and Nano-boron compounds
E. Yonel-Gumruk, A. Meric Kartal Berker, O. Özcan, A. Nilgün Akin, Turkish Petroleum Refineries Corporation, TR
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1:00Nanotech incubator and commercialization basis—introducing Nanopolis Suzhou, ChinaExpo Hall Theater
Session chair: J. Wu, Executive Vice President, Nanopolis, CN
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1:30Innovation Spotlights: Energy: Shell & United TechnologiesNational Harbor 3
Session chair: University of Waterloo, CA
1:30Shell GameChanger - Strategic Innovation Interests
M. Marino, Shell GameChanger, US
1:45United Technologies - Strategic Innovation Interests
C. Walker, United Technologies, US
2:00Solar Thermochemical Reactor – Efficient Production of Fuels from Sunlight
L. Besemann, University of Minnesota, US
2:07Metabolic Engineering of Anaerobic Fungal Pathways for the Production of Biofuels and Antimicrobial Compounds
D. Lozofsky, UCSB Office of Technology & Industry Alliances, US
2:14Manufacture of aluminum nanoparticles for increasing energy density in fuels
A. Adkins, University of Central Florida, US
2:21Novel CIGS/CdS Thin Film Solar Cells Using Selenium Precursor
R. Nagaiah, University of Central Florida, US
J. Ornstein, SynShark LLC, US
2:35MoMeCCA - Moist membranes for the Cultivation and Collection of Algae
T. Vail, Northern Arizona University, US
2:42Shell, United Technologies Q&A
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3:00Simulation & Informatics Based Catalysis DesignCamelia
Session chair: Philippe Serp, Institute National Polytechnique de Toulouse, FR (bio)
3:00First-principles DFT approaches for understanding the reactivity of transition metal nanoclusters Are we close to an in silico design of efficient nanocatalysts? (invited presentation)
L. Cusinato, I.C. Gerber, I. del Rosa, R. Poteau, Université Paul Sabatier, FR (bio)
3:25Surface properties of amorphous nanoporous GeS2
G. Ori, M- Celino, C. Massobrio, B. Coasne, UMI CNRS / Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
3:45Self-Assembled Selenium and Sulfur Monolayers in Catalysis (CANCELED)
V.P. Ananikov, Russian Academy of Sciences, RU
4:05Covalent Immobilization of Various Catalysts on α-Zirconium Phosphate Nanosheets for Heterogeneous Catalysis Applications
Y. Zhou, R. Huang, F. Ding, M. Zhang, M. Xiao, N. Lu, J-W Jhuo, C-C Kung, Y. Meng, L. Sun, University of Connecticut, US
4:25Differentiating electro-catalytic reaction of hydride with respect to a non-Pt catalyst morphology based on first-principles: extended surfaces versus nanoparticles
M.C. Sison Escaño, R. Lacdao Arevalo, H. Kasai, University of Fukui, JP
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3:00Bio Sources for MaterialsChesapeake 10-12
Session chair: Srinivas Iyer, Los Alamos National Labs, US (bio)
3:00Creating New International Markets for Renewable Materials: Why BioPreferred®? (invited presentation)
R. Buckhalt, U.S. Department of Agriculture, US (bio)
3:25AirCarbon: From Concept to Commercialization (invited presentation)
M. Herrema, Newlight Technologies, LLC, US (bio)
3:50Biobased Synthetic Motor Oils – Merging Performance with Sustainability (invited presentation)
J. Bredsguard, Biosynthetic Technologies, US (bio)
4:15Applications of Enzymatic Saccharification Residues as a Fully Biobased Adhesive
I.H. Hafez, H. Yang, W.T.Y. Tze, University of Minnesota, US
4:35Lignin to Fuels and Chemicals -- Converting the waste material to the valuable
J.S. Yuan, Texas A&M University, US
4:55Production of Bioethanol from Macroalgae Cellulosic Residue Using Solid Acid Catalyst Pretreatment and Enzymatic Hydrolysis
I.S. Tan, K.T. Lee, Universiti Sains Malaysia, MY
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3:00Innovation Spotlights: Advanced Materials: BASF & MomentiveNational Harbor 6
Session chair: Allen Dines, University of Wisconsin-Madison, US
3:00BASF - Strategic Innovation Interests
R. Schmeltzer, BASF, US
3:15Momentive - Strategic Innovation Interests
P. Vogt, Momentive, US
3:30Continuous Etch-Free Transfer of Graphene
V. Tsai, Graphene Frontiers, US
3:37Purification of fatty acids with a membrane technology
A. Meyer, Pure Oleochemicals, LLC, US
3:44New natural insulating material
M. Ali, King Saud University, SA
3:51The epoxy resin for ultra-low CTE (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion) composite up to 1ppm/℃
HA Chun, Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH), KR
3:58Mussel-Inspired Underwater Adhesives and Coatings from Renewable Resources
D. Lozofsky, UCSB Office of Technology & Industry Alliances, US
4:05BASF, Momentive Q&A

Wednesday June 18

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8:30Innovation Spotlights: Advanced Materials: LORD & Saint GobainNational Harbor 3
Session chair: Brian Johnston, Sensor Films, US
8:30LORD Corporation - Strategic Innovation Interests
A. Kintz, LORD Corporation, US
8:45Saint Gobain - Strategic Innovation Interests
D. Martin, Saint Gobain, US
9:00Practical and Effective Methods for Graphene Surface Cleaning
S. Choi, Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology, KR
9:07Aluma45 Magnesium-Rich Primer
D. Battocchi, Elinor Specialty Coatings, US
9:14NYCOLON - Flame Retardant for BDUs
S. Susta, Alexium Government Solutions (AGS), LLC, US
9:21Energy Absorbing Materials: Designer cushioning using advanced manufacturing
C. Follett, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, US
J. Ornstein, framergy, Inc., US
9:35LORD, Saint Gobain Q&A
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10:30Nanomaterials for Catalysis IIIAzalea 3
Session chair: Philippe Serp, Institute National Polytechnique de Toulouse, FR (bio)
10:30Novel Pt-based Electrocatalysts for Formic Acid Oxidation and Oxygen Reduction Reactions (invited presentation)
YY.J. Tong, Georgetown University, US
10:55Understanding Ru/CNT interactions: A rational design of Ru nanocatalysts
B.F. Machado, M. Oubenali, M.R. Axet, T.T. Nguyen, M. Tunckol, M. Girleanu, O. Ersen, I.C. Gerber, P. Serp, Laboratory of Coordination Chemistry, FR
11:15Non-metallic gold doped ceria nanorods materials with enhanced oxidation activity
L. Torrente – Murciano, L. Qian, A. Gilbank and A. Kirkland, University of Bath, UK
11:35Improved Catalysts Prepared using Atomic Layer Deposition Techniques
K. Buechler, A. Weimer, ALD NanoSolutions, Inc., US
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10:30Materials for Green BuildingNational Harbor 14
Session chair: Fiona Case, NSTI, US (bio)
10:303M Materials and Technologies for Green Buildings (invited presentation)
T. Hebrink, 3M Corporate Research Process Lab, US (bio)
10:55The High Performance Thermal Building Insulation Materials of Beyond Tomorrow - From Concept to Experimental Investigations (invited presentation)
B.P. Jelle, T. Gao, L.I.C. Sandberg, B.G. Tilset, M. Grandcolas, A. Gustavsen, SINTEF Building and Infrastructure / Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), NO (bio)
11:20Advanced Materials for Energy Efficient Buildings Construction. From research to market. (invited presentation)
J. Cubillo, Acciona, US
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2:00Nanomaterials for Catalysis IVAzalea 3
Session chair: Philippe Serp, Institute National Polytechnique de Toulouse, FR (bio)
2:00The stability of supported Cu nanoparticles for methanol synthesis (invited presentation)
P.E. de Jongh, Utrecht University, NL (bio)
2:25Au@TiO2 Yolk-Shell Catalysts for Low-Temperature Oxidation and H2 Photoproduction from Water (invited presentation)
F. Zaera, University of California, Riverside, US (bio)
2:50Chemoselective Hydrogenolysis of Glycerol Catalyzed by Platinum on Carbonaceous Supports
W. Oberhauser, C. Evangelisti, R. Psaro, F. Vizza, M. Bevilacqua, J. Filippi, A. Lavacchi, A. Marchionni, H.A. Miller, B.F. Machado, P. Serp, CNR-ICCOM, IT
3:10Monodisperse Gold Nanoparticles Supported by Rice Husk Silica for Heterogeneous Catalysis Applications
Y. Li, H. Chen, J. Liu, L. Sun, University of Connecticut, US
3:30A hierarchical carbon nanofiber-In2S3 photocatalyst with well controlled nanostructures for highly efficient hydrogen production under visible light
P. Gao, A. Li, M. Tai, Z. Liu, D.D. Sun, Nanyang Technological University, SG
3:50The Effects of Carbon Nanoreactor Diameter and Internal Structure on the Pathways of Catalytic Chemical Transformations
W.A. Solomonsz, G.A. Rance, A.N. Khlobystov, University of Nottingham, UK
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2:00Materials for Sustainability & Efficiency IIICamelia
Session chair: Clayton Teague, Ret. NNCO Director, US
2:00SUSTAINABLE steel production for the 2030s and beyond: the vision of the European Steel Technology Platform’s Strategic Research Agenda
J.P. Birat, E. Malfa, V. Colla, J.S. Thomas, ESTEP, BE
2:20New generation grinding aids to reduce CO2 emissions during Portland cement manufacturing
C.A. Issa, J.J. Assaad, Lebanese American University, US
2:40Utilization of Industrial Waste as a Composite Cementing Materials
M.I. Khan, King Saud University, SA
3:00Single Step Extraction and Functionalization of Low-Cost Nanoparticles from Municipal Solid Waste Fly Ash through PICVD
D. Farhanian, W. Raphael, C.A. Dorval-Dion, J.R. Tavares, Polytechnique Montreal, CA
3:20Alumina extraction from fly ash by the MgO sintering method: Waste reduction and utilization
L. Zhao, Q. Sun, B. Wang, X. Wang, Y. Xiao, G. Yu, X. Liu, Z. Zhang, National Institute of Clean-and-low-carbon Energy (NICE), CN
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