Electronics & Microsystems - Industry Focus Program

Electronic materials technology is the engine of the current information technology age, underlying worldwide economic growth and productivity. Novel devices, components, and processing technologies are enabling remarkable new products and providing solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

Join industry partners and applied research leadership accelerating the development and deployment of advanced electronics solutions into products and society.

Featured Speakers:

Mike Mansuetti

Ira Nydick
Panasonic Ventures

Craig Walker
United Technologies

Leandre Adifon
Ingersoll Rand

Di Wei

Loucas Tsakalakos
General Electric

Aaron D. Franklin

Mandakini Kanungo
Xerox Innovation

Misti Ushio
Harris & Harris Group

Christina Fau

Patti Glaza
Arsenal Venture Partners

Leo Christodoulou

Innovation & Corporate Spotlight Program:

Track Sessions

Monday June 16

11:00Photonic Devices & Systems
11:00The Future of Transportation: BASF Special Session
1:30Inkjet Design, Materials & Fabrication
1:30Innovation Spotlights: Materials & Transportation: Sherwin Williams & BASF
3:00Innovation Spotlights: Energy-Efficiency: Bosch & Ingersoll Rand

Tuesday June 17

10:30Innovation Spotlights: Venture Investment: Harris & Harris Group, In-Q-Tel
10:30Sensing in the Environment
10:30Nanoelectronics I
1:30Innovation Spotlights: Energy: Shell & United Technologies
3:00Nanoelectronics II
3:00Innovation Spotlights: Defense: Boeing, Aerojet & General Atomics

Wednesday June 18

8:30Innovation: State Funding & Commercialization Support
8:30Organic, Flexible & Printed Electronics I
10:30Organic, Flexible & Printed Electronics II
10:30Innovation Spotlights: Electronics: Panasonic & IBM
2:00MEMS & NEMS: Devices & Applications III
1:30Innovation Spotlights: Materials-Energy: 3M & SABIC

Track Program

Monday June 16

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11:00Photonic Devices & SystemsPotomac 3
Session chair: Loucas Tsakalakos, GE. Global Research, US (bio)
11:00MEMS-based deformable mirrors and spatial light modulators (invited presentation)
T. Bifano, Boston Micromachines Corporation, US (bio)
11:25The Impact of Fiber Laser technology on the World Wide Material Processing Markets (invited presentation)
B. Shiner, IPG Photonics Inc., US (bio)
11:50On-chip spectrometer for low-cost optical coherence tomography
A. Nitkowski, K. Preston, N. Sherwood-Droz, B. Schmidt, A. Hajian, Tornado Spectral Systems, US
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11:00The Future of Transportation: BASF Special SessionNational Harbor 2
11:00M. Minnichelli, BASF, US
11:20P. Vogt, Momentive, US
11:40TBA, Ingersoll Rand, US
12:00C. Chase, Lockheed Martin, US
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1:30Inkjet Design, Materials & FabricationPotomac 2
Session chair: Chris Menzel, Dimatix, Inc., US (bio)
1:30Printed electronics in Italy: from research to business (invited presentation)
A. Chiolerio, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, IT (bio)
1:55Fabrication of Active Digital Microfluidic Paper Chips with Inkjet-printed Patterned Electrodes and their Point-of Care Biomedical Application
H. Ko, J. Lee, Y. Kim, Y. Kee, K. Kim, C-H Jung, J-H Choi, O-S Kwon, K. Shin, Sogang University, KR
2:15Simulation of desolvated self-assembly in a picoliter drop of colloidal solution by dissipative particle dynamics
P. Lebedev-Stepanov, Photochemistry Center, RU
2:35Innovations in Inkjet Analysis
P. Best, ImageXpert Inc., US
2:55Large volume continuous synthesis of metal oxide nanoparticle inks toward inkjet printed TFT devices
P.N. Gooden, C. Crawshaw, S. Butterworth, S. Oertel, M.P.M. Jank, Promethean Particles Ltd, UK
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1:30Innovation Spotlights: Materials & Transportation: Sherwin Williams & BASFNational Harbor 5
Session chair: Joel Marquis, Angel Capital Association, US
1:30Opening Remarks-Angel Investments in Materials & Transportation
J. Marquis, Angel Capital Association, US
1:40BASF-Strategic Innovation Interests
M. Gulbinska, BASF, US
1:55Sherwin Williams - Strategic Innovation Interests
M. Cameron, Sherwin Williams, US
2:10AC3B technology
R. Le Van Mao, AC3B Technologies Ltd., CA
2:17A modular active flow control system for aerodynamic drag reduction in ground freight transportation
D. Menicovich, Actasys Inc, US
2:24Micronozzle Atomizer
T. Miller, Oregon State University, Microproducts Breakthrough Institute, US
2:31Nanofluids for lubricant and cooling applications
M. Gonzales, Tecnologico de Monterrey, MX
2:38Next Generation Low Cost Light Weight Composite Technology
S. Lewit, Structural Composites, Inc, US
2:45Sherwin Williams, BASF Q&A
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3:00Innovation Spotlights: Energy-Efficiency: Bosch & Ingersoll RandNational Harbor 5
Session chair: Goran Matijasevic, UC Irvine, US
3:00Bosch - Strategic Innovation Interests
A. Kojic, Bosch, US
3:15Ingersoll Rand - Strategic Innovation Interests
L. Adifon, Ingersoll Rand, US
3:30Rechargeable Zinc-Air Battery System
S. Bagheri, University of Waterloo, CA
3:37Improved High Temperature Electrolyte for Fuel Cells
P. Dowd, Arizona Technology Enterprises, US
3:44High Density Surface Nanotextures for Broadband, Omnidirectional Antireflection
K. Elcess, Brookhaven National Laboratory, US
3:51Supercritical CO2 Brayton for Compact High Efficiency Power Generation
G. Rochau, Sandia National Laboratories, US
3:58Bosch, Ingersoll Rand Q&A

Tuesday June 17

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10:30Innovation Spotlights: Venture Investment: Harris & Harris Group, In-Q-TelNational Harbor 6
Session chair: Patricia Ansems-Bancroft, Dow, US
10:30Harris & Harris Group - Strategic Innovation Interests
D. Jamison, Harris & Harris Group, US
10:45In-Q-Tel - Strategic Innovation Interests
T. Gillespie, In-Q-Tel, US
11:00Micromixers, Microreactors, and Microreactor Systems
T. Miller, Microflow CVO, Inc., US
11:07Nanolayered Polymer Materials for GRIN Optics or Capacitors
M. Ponting, PolymerPlus LLC, US
11:14DNATrax (byDNATREK,LLC)
A. Zografos, DNATREK, LLC, US
11:21Prairie AquaTech / High Quality Protein Replacement
M. Fishback, Prairie AquaTech, US
11:28Innovative Technologies to Effectively Treat Multi-Drug Resistant and/or Biofilm-Embedded Bacteria
E. Guire, Innovative Surface Technologies, Inc., US
11:35Harris & Harris Group, In-Q-Tel Q&A
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10:30Sensing in the EnvironmentNational Harbor 8
Session chair: Srinivas Iyer, Bioscience Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory, US (bio)
10:30Photoactive Thin Films for Multi-modal Sensing (invited presentation)
K.J. Loh, University of California, Davis, US (bio)
10:55Graphene-Loaded Nanofiber-Modified Electrode: A Novel and Sensitive Electrochemical Detection System
N. Rodthongkum, N. Ruecha, N. Promphet, R. Rangkupan, R.W. Vachet, O. Chailapakul, Metallurgy and Materials Science Research Institute, Chulalongkorn University, TH
11:15Affinity Sensor based on Immobilized Molecular Imprinted Synthetic Ligands
P. Lenain, B. Mattiasson, M. Hedström, S. De Saeger, Ghent University, BE
11:35The Sense-City equipment project: 9M€ for prototyping and validation of nanosensors for sustainable cities
B. Lebental, F. Derkx, F. Bourquin, T. Bourouina, B. Mercier, C-S Cojocaru, P. Roca, F. Derkx, T-L Ha, E. Robine, IFSTTAR, FR
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10:30Nanoelectronics IPotomac 3
Session chair: Charles Ying, National Science Foundation; Curt A. Richter, NIST
10:30Emerging Memories Technology – A New Paradigm (invited presentation)
G. Sandhu, Micron Technology, Inc., US (bio)
10:55Unipolar resistive switching and current flow mechanism in thin film SnO2
A. Talukdar, S. Almeida, J. Mireles, E. MacDonald, J.H. Pierluissi, E. Garcia, D. Zubia, University of Texas at El Paso, US
11:15Prospect and challenges for carbon nanotube transistors in high performance nanoelectronics beyond 2020 (invited presentation)
A. Franklin, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, US (bio)
11:40Record resistivity for in-situ grown horizontal carbon nanotubes interconnects
J. Dijon, R. Ramos, A. Fournier, H. Le Poche, H. Fournier, H. Okuno, J.P. Simonato, CEA, Liten, FR
12:00Semiconducting Bilayer Graphene for Device Applications
T. Chu, Y. Zhao, Z. Chen, Purdue University, US
12:20Charge Amplification of a Graphene-integrated-CMOS (GIC) RF Detector
R.C. Ordonez, C. Hayashi, N. Kamin, M.C. de Andrade, D. Garmire, University of Hawaii At Manoa, US
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1:30Innovation Spotlights: Energy: Shell & United TechnologiesNational Harbor 3
Session chair: University of Waterloo, CA
1:30Shell GameChanger - Strategic Innovation Interests
M. Marino, Shell GameChanger, US
1:45United Technologies - Strategic Innovation Interests
C. Walker, United Technologies, US
2:00Solar Thermochemical Reactor – Efficient Production of Fuels from Sunlight
L. Besemann, University of Minnesota, US
2:07Metabolic Engineering of Anaerobic Fungal Pathways for the Production of Biofuels and Antimicrobial Compounds
D. Lozofsky, UCSB Office of Technology & Industry Alliances, US
2:14Manufacture of aluminum nanoparticles for increasing energy density in fuels
A. Adkins, University of Central Florida, US
2:21Novel CIGS/CdS Thin Film Solar Cells Using Selenium Precursor
R. Nagaiah, University of Central Florida, US
J. Ornstein, SynShark LLC, US
2:35MoMeCCA - Moist membranes for the Cultivation and Collection of Algae
T. Vail, Northern Arizona University, US
2:42Shell, United Technologies Q&A
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3:00Nanoelectronics IIPotomac 3
Session chair: Curt A. Richter, NIST; Charles Ying, National Science Foundation
3:00Nanoscale Multiferroics For Electro-Magnetic Devices (invited presentation)
G.P. Carman, University of California, Los Angeles, US (bio)
3:25Expanding Device Functionalities via Magnetoelectric and Ferroelectric Components (invited presentation)
E.Y. Tsymbal, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, US (bio)
3:50Collective Behavior of an Array of Spin Torque Nano-Oscillators
P.L. Buono, C. Dabrowski, A. Palacios, J. Turtle, V. In, San Diego State University, US
4:10Acid Diffusion and Lithographic Performance
Y.-Q. Rao, R. Sharma, M. Clark, P. Agarwal, The Dow Chemical Company, US (bio)
4:30Heterogeneous Nano-electronic Devices Enabled by Monolithic Integration of IIIV, Ge, and Si to expand future CMOS functionality
A.V-Y. Thean, N. Collaert, N. Waldron, C. Merckling, L. Witters, R. Loo, J. Mitard, R. Rooyackers, A. Vandooren, A. Verhulst, A. Veloso, A. Pourghaderi, G. Eneman, D. Yakimets, T. Huynh Bao, M. Garcia Bardon, J. Ryckaert, M. Dehan, P. Wambacq, M. Caymax, IMEC, BE
4:50Heterogeneous Reactions and Interfaces at Nanoscale Dimensions
S.A. Dayeh, W. Tang, B.-M. Nguyen, University of California San Diego, US
5:10Random Dopant Fluctuation in 10-nm-Gate Multi-Channel Gate-All-Around Nanowire Field Effect Transistors
H-T Chang, Y. Li, National Chiao Tung University, TW
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3:00Innovation Spotlights: Defense: Boeing, Aerojet & General AtomicsNational Harbor 3
Session chair: Lynn Foster, BPT Pharma, US
3:00Boeing - Strategic Innovation Interests
M. Price, Boeing, US
3:15Aerojet - Strategic Innovation Interests
J. Drakes, Aerojet, US
3:30General Atomics - Strategic Innovation Interests
M. Maughan, General Atomics, US
3:45A Novel Decontamination Process for Powders for Transparent Ceramics
A. Kunda, Lehigh University, US
3:52Hi-powered Ram Air Turbine, (HiRAT)
J. Justak, ATGI, US
M. Fox, Spectral Sciences Inc., US
4:06Boeing, Aerojet, General Atomics Q&A

Wednesday June 18

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8:30Innovation: State Funding & Commercialization SupportNational Harbor 6
Session chair: Valerie Gaynos, Capital Growth, Inc., US
8:30North Carolina Innovation Support Programs
J. Hardin, North Carolina Department of Commerce, US
8:45West Virginia Innovation Support Programs
N. Vance, West Virginia Development Office, US
9:00Virginia Innovation Support Programs
L. Povar, Yes Virginia, US
9:15Oregon Innovation Support Programs
C. Sears, Business Oregon, US
9:30Tennessee Innovation Support Programs
J. Stefansic, Launch Tennessee, US
9:45Illinois Innovation Support Programs
M. Harris, Illinois Science & Technology Coalition, US
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8:30Organic, Flexible & Printed Electronics IPotomac 2
Session chair: L. Jay Guo, University of Michigan, US (bio)
8:30Towards scalable fabrication of organic solar cells and optical metamaterials (invited presentation)
J. Guo, University of Michigan, US (bio)
8:55Stretchable Electronics
J. Liang, L. Li, J. Hajagos, X. Niu, Z. Yu, Q. Pei, University of California, Los Angeles, US
9:15Production technologies for large area flexible electronics
T. Kolbusch, K. Crone, Coatema Coating Machinery GmbH, DE
9:35Printed Gas Sensors for the Trillion Sensor Universe
J.R. Stetter, E.F. Stetter, M. Findlay, V. Patel, KWJ Engineering Inc. & SPEC Sensors LLC, US
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10:30Organic, Flexible & Printed Electronics IIPotomac 2
Session chair: Suchismita Guha, University of Missouri, US (bio)
10:30Field Induced Polymer Electroluminescent Lamps - FIPELs (invited presentation)
D.L. Carroll, Wake Forest University, US (bio)
10:55Enhanced performance of all organic field-effect transistors and capacitors through choice of solvent (invited presentation)
S. Guha, G. Knotts, N.B. Ukah, University of Missouri, US
11:20High Performance Organic Transistors based on Molecular Doping
B. Lussem, M. Tietze, H. Kleemann, A. Fischer, A. Gunther, K. Leo, Kent State University, US
11:40A method to produce microelectronic devices on textile and paper substrates
I.G. Trindade, R. Miguel, J. Lucas, M. Pereira, M. Santos Silva, Universidade da Beira Interior, PT
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10:30Innovation Spotlights: Electronics: Panasonic & IBMNational Harbor 6
Session chair: Keith Ritala, Quest Integrated, US
10:30Panasonic - Strategic Innovation Interests
I. Nydick, Panasonic, US
10:45IBM - Strategic Innovation Interests
D. Magid, IBM, US
11:00Flexible Electronics: Self-aligned lithography for roll-to-roll manufacturing
L. Besemann, University of Minnesota, US
11:07Processes enabling low cost graphene/silicon carbide MEMS
B. Simpson, Griffith University, AU
11:14Passive wireless sensors for extreme environments
J. Hines, Applied Sensor Research & Development Corporatoin, US
11:21Low cost spectral sensor for light and color measurement
T. Garza, Chromation Partners LLC, US
11:28SEPIA Displays
R. Diebold, Harvard University, US
D. Surh, inXsol, US
11:42Panasonic, IBM Q&A
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2:00MEMS & NEMS: Devices & Applications IIIPotomac 3
Session chair: Cy Wilson, NASA. Langley Research Center, US (bio)
2:00Aerospace Applications for Surface Acoustic Wave Devices (invited presentation)
W. Wilson, NASA Langley Research Center, US (bio)
2:25AFM/SNOM Cantilever Probe Serial Fabrication Process with Controlled Tip Nanoaperture
A. Tsigara, B. Belier, F. Maillard, P. Falgayrettes, E. Nativel, R. Kribich, P. Gall-Borrut, Universite Paris Sud, FR
2:45Optimization of a Poly-SiGe MEMS Xylophone Bar Magnetometer based on its equivalent circuit
V. Rochus, M. Farghaly, X. Rottenberg, H.A.C. Tilmans, imec, BE
3:05Hermetic room temperature glass welding technology
H. Lunden, T. Kumpulainen, A. Määttänen, J. Vihinen, Primoceler Ltd, FI
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1:30Innovation Spotlights: Materials-Energy: 3M & SABICNational Harbor 3
Session chair: Purnesh Seegopaul, Pangaea Ventures, US
1:303M - Strategic Innovation Interests
T. Hebrink (invited), 3M, US
1:45SABIC - Strategic Innovation Interests
J. Amarasekera, SABIC, US
2:00Fiber Supported Ionic Liquid Sorbents
J. Sosenko, National Energy Technology Laboratory, US
2:07Hollow Fiber Membrane for Dehydration of Organic Solvents via Pervaporation
YP Yong, National University of Singapore, SG
2:14Membrane Dehydrator
L. DiNetta, Compact Membrane Systems, Inc., US
2:21Photoelectrochemical (PEC) Production of Hydrogen
E. Payne, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, US
2:28Solar Renewable energy generation, Solar Panel Manufacture, Concentrator Solar Panel
R. Kokenyesi, Beet Inc., US
2:353M, SABIC Q&A
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