Marian Marino

Marian Marino

Manager, Shell GameChanger


Marian Marino is the Manager of GameChanger at Shell. GameChanger is part of Shell’s Innovation organization and its mission is to look for and develop radical ideas that have the potential to drastically impact the future of energy.

Marian is a Chemical Engineer from Central University of Venezuela with a PhD from the University of Maryland, and has 29 years of experience in the Oil and Gas Industry. Before Shell, Marian worked for PDVSA-Intevep, the R&D Center of the Venezuelan National Oil Industry, PDVSA, holding many technical and managerial positions ranging from Technical Leader to Planning Manager.

Marian is passionate about innovation and is always looking for radical ways to positively changing the future of energy. In both Shell and PDVSA, Marian has participated in the development of several technologies and has extensive experience managing projects, strategic planning and served as Technology Manager for Oil Conversion and Manager of Process Development for Heavy Oil Upgrading at Shell. She is co-author of several patents in the Oil Conversion area, has been a Professor of Chemical Engineering and she is a certified Leadership Coach.