Brad Pietras

Brad Pietras

Vice President, Technology

Lockheed Martin

Brad Pietras is the Vice President, Technology for Lockheed Martin Corporate Engineering and Technology where he is responsible for multiple domestic and international research and development initiatives.

Mr. Pietras began his career in 1989 at GE Astro Space as the lead mechanical integration and test engineer for Landsat and went on to join Lockheed Martin Radar Systems’ Advanced Programs unit in 1996, managing missile-defense research and development for both the US and NATO.

In 2003, Mr. Pietras moved from Tech Ops to Business Development where he held increasing levels of responsibility in domestic and international business development, including strategic planning and Congressional relations. In this role, he rebuilt LM Radar System’s relationship with the US Marine Corps by developing new operational concepts for the TPS-59 radar, working with Wash Ops to secure Congressional backing, and supported the integration of classified capabilities that augmented system performance and extended mission life.

In 2006, Mr. Pietras moved back to Tech Ops as the Director of Advanced Technology for LM Mission Systems and Sensors with responsibility for research and development programs across the eight lines of business whose combined revenues exceeded $4B annually.

Throughout his career, Mr. Pietras has also led several critical initiatives for Lockheed Martin at the Corporate level, including the Nanotechnology Initiative which resulted in new materials for F-35, creation of LM Applied Nanostructured Solutions, LLC, and impacted nearly every LM Business Area. Mr. Pietras presently leads the UK Growth and Research Initiative, responsible for coordinating Corporate investments with UK Minister-level initiatives and LM business capture activities.

Mr. Pietras holds a Bachelor's of Science degree in Physics from the Rochester Institute of Technology and a Master's of Science degree in Neuroscience from the College of Engineering at Syracuse University. Mr. Pietras is a visiting scientist at both the National Institutes of Health in the US and University College London in the UK and he is a Ph.D. Candidate in Neuroscience from the University of Maryland. His research pertains to the mathematical and neural foundations of decision-making and reinforcement learning.

Mr. Pietras has served on the Boards of Directors for Zyvex Performance Materials, Nextreme Thermal, Cambridge University’s Center for Energy Studies, and Syracuse University’s Center for Advanced Systems and Engineering. He has also served on and chaired a number of not-for-profit corporate and public service boards. Brad is a member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.