Algae Biomass Technologies & Applications: Commercial Demonstration and Environmental Benefits

Tim  Zenk

Tim Zenk

Vice President of Corporate Affairs

Sapphire Energy

Tim Zenk has spent much of his distinguished career shaping public policy – in helping leaders become better leaders and the public become more educated about key issues impacting the nation and the globe. His more than 20 years of rich experience has taken him from the front lines of Washington D.C., to the back roads of the Middle East, and to rural areas working on big issues in small towns. His passion is apparent and his experience varied. Most recently, as executive vice president for Edelman, an international communications firm, he built and led numerous campaigns, organized public-private partnerships, and counseled energy, biotech and technology leaders. Some clients included Louis Dreyfus Commodities, NorthernStar Natural Gas, Fate Therapeutics and Ikaria. Prior to that, he was founder and vice president of Chameleon Technology, a venture funded cutting-edge leader in wireless infrastructures. He also was a top executive for Telecommunications Systems (NYSE - TSYS), a leading provider of mission critical wireless data systems for wireless carriers, governments and intelligence organizations.

Tim is known nationally for his political acumen, particularly regarding his work on key campaigns ranging from gubernatorial to congressional to presidential. His global work for the Clinton/Gore administration has left him with professional and life experiences that will last forever. Today, his passion for legacy energy solutions are top on his agenda and he is working to help Sapphire be the foremost leader in solving one of today’s biggest environmental, economic and political quandaries – energy dependence.