RF-noise modeling in MOSFETs: excess noise, symmetry, and causality

G.D.J. Smit, A.J. Scholten, R.M.T. Pijper, L.F. Tiemeijer, R. van der Toorn, D.B.M. Klaassen, P. Scheer, A. Juge
NXP Semiconductors, NL

Keywords: RF noise, excess noise, PSP model, noise model


Modeling of RF-noise in MOSFET channels is one of the cornerstones for RF-CMOS-circuit design. Deep sub-micron technology nodes necessitate a proper treatment of excess noise as well as detailed modeling of parasitics. In addition, demanding circuit applications require advanced noise analysis methods (such as time-domain noise simulations). All of these put higher requirements on the models. In this paper, we present new 40-nm measurement data that reconfirms the accuracy and universality of our previously published noise model. Moreover, we show a generic method to implement RF-noise models in a circuit simulator, which is consistent with advanced noise analysis methods.