Jetting of High Viscosity Fluid with Magnetostrictive Inkjet Printhead

Y.-W. Park, O.-K. Oh, K.-H. Yoon, M. Noh
Chungnam National University, KR

Keywords: magnetostriction, jetting, viscosity, printhead, meniscus, droplet


One of the challenges is to form sound droplets with high viscosity fluids whenever they are needed. This paper presents jetting of high viscosity fluids without localized heating to the material. This is done by using a magnetostrictive inkjet printhead (Mag-Jet). However, the Mag-Jet itself is not enough to facilitate sound jetting of fluid onto substrate. It is the reason why meniscus must be controlled. A vacuum/pressure pump (by Welch) is used for meniscus control. A commercially available nozzle with 50 m in diameter is used for fluid outlet, made of sapphire. Two silicon fluids are used: one has 100 cPs and the other 1000 cPs. Applied current to the Mag-Jet is ±2 A for 100 cPs and ±5 A for 1000 cPs, respectively. The droplet ejection with 100 cPs fluid is completely successful with the aid of vacuum/pressure pump, but it with 1000cPs fluid is partially successful. The ejected volume is estimated to be between 2.94 nL and 8.79 nL. It can be concluded that the Mag-Jet has enough potential to eject high viscosity fluid.