Microwave Assisted Synthesis of the Nanocomposites of ZnO Photocatalysts for the Degradation of Rhodamine B dye

P. Rajeswari, S. Prabhu, K. Jothi Venkatachalam, S. Dhanuskodi
Bharathidasan University, IN

Keywords: nanocomposites, photocatalyst, microwave


A simple microwave assisted synthesis route was adopted for the preparation of ZnO, NiO and SnO2 nanocomposites. Prepared nanocomposites were charaterized by varous techniques such as powder XRD, FTIR, SEM. Linear optical property was studied using UV-DRS.Photocatalytic activity of nanocomposites against Rhodamine B was investigated. NiO-ZnO nanocomposite has the better catalytic activity which also reduces the demerits of ZnO like photocorrosion and high electron-hole recombination.