Multimodal polymeric nanoparticles for Receptor Targeted delivery of Docetaxel in Prostate and Ovarian carcinoma

R. Singh, M. House, M. Norret, I. Larma, D. Ho, L.Y. Lim, N. Smith, S. South, T. St. Pierre, K. Swaminathan Iyer
The University Of Western Australia, AU

Keywords: drug delivery, nanoparticle, PGMA, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, transferrin targeting, folic acid targeting


We demonstrate reduction in dosage and increased treatment specificity in-vivo in an orthotopic PC-3 prostate cancer model and in-vitro in an SKOV-3 model by targeting docetaxel using a biocompatible polymer, polyglycidyl methacrylate (PGMA) based nanoformulation. The nanoparticles are conjugated with protein transferrin or biomolecule folic acid to utilize the advantageous over-expression of the transferrin receptor and folate receptor - α on the PC-3 and SKOV-3 cells respectively.