A structural analysis of olive oil organogelation

L. Filippelli, L. Gentile, F.R. Lupi, C.O. Rossi, N. Baldino, G.A. Ranieri, D. Gabriele
University of Calabria, IT

Keywords: organogelation, olive oil, rheology, NMR


Organogels based on liquid vegetable oils are possible replacers of saturated or hydrogenated fats in the food industry. There is still a lack of information about the link between macroscopic parameters and material microstructure. By means of some mechanical and chemical-physics techniques such as rheology and Nuclear Magnetic ResonanceHere we investigated organogels, based on olive oil mixed with low amount of cocoa butter and commercial monoglycerides of fatty acids (Myverol) as organogelator agent. The obtained results can be useful to better understand the crystallization phenomena in edible oil gels and in selecting operating conditions for potential commercial applications.