Active Silver Catalysts for the SCR of NOx

Y.B. Yu
Chinese Academy of Sciences, CN

Keywords: NOx, alumina-supported silver, selective catalytic reduction


Among the NOx reduction technologies being developed to control diesel engine emissions, selective catalytic reduction by hydrocarbons (HC-SCR) has attracted much attention as a possible alternative to commercially used urea/NH3-SCR. Alumina-supported silver (Ag/Al2O3) is known as one of the most effective catalysts for the HC-SCR of NOx. Usually, the Ag/Al2O3 was prepared by using boehmite as a precursor of support (denoted as Ag/Al2O3-B). Herein, we found that Ag/Al2O3 prepared using nordstrandite as a precursor (denoted as Ag/Al2O3-N) exhibited much higher activity for NOx reduction by ethanol than Ag/Al2O3-B even using a lower silver loading.