Centyrins: Targeted Delivery for Improved Therapeutics

D. Elias, K. O’Neil, J. Rojas, A. York, R.K. Prud’homme
Princeton University, US

Keywords: nanoparticle, targeting, centryins, pro


Alternative scaffolds share properties with antibodies in terms of their specificity and potency and with small molecules in terms of simplicity and size. The Centyrin platform, a consensus fibronectin domain, has been optimized to enable selection of Centyrins that bind to and inhibit multiple classes of proteins. We will describe how the biophysical properties of Centyrins make them ideal for novel therapeutic applications including drug conjugates and targeted nanoparticles. We describe nanoparticle constructs that incorporate Centryins on block copolymer stabilizers. Quantification of conjugation of Centryins onto nanoparticles surfaces through conjugation to PEG stabilizing chains is presented. The relationship between Centyrin surface functionalization and cell binding is demonstrated using flow cytometry and surface Plasmon resonance. (TO STEVE ZULLO: Steve, this is a joint presentation with J&J on a new small protein targeting construct that affords specificity while controls the cost of antibody therapeutics)