Block Copolymer Nanocomposites With Mono- And Bioriented Structures

R.R. de Sousa Jr., L.G. Amurin, N.R. Demarquette, D.J. Carastan
Federal University of ABC - UFABC, BR

Keywords: nanocomposites, block copolymers, biaxial orientation


Block copolymer nanocomposites are materials with interesting structures and properties. The control of their morphology can be obtained during processing, and anisotropic structures may be oriented in one or two directions, affecting both the copolymer domains and nanoparticle alignments. In this work mono- and bioriented films of SEBS copolymer and its nanocomposites containing nanoclays, carbon nanotubes and silica nanoparticles were prepared by blown tubular film extrusion, by controling the air pressure inside the bubble, and other processing parameters. The structure of the materials was evaluated by SAXS and their tensile and dynamic mechanical properties were tested. The bioriented samples have balanced mechanical properties, and the nanoparticles may promote faster biorientation of the copolymer domains by cooperative motion during processing.