Heterogeneous Reactions and Interfaces at Nanoscale Dimensions

S.A. Dayeh, W. Tang, B.-M. Nguyen
University of California San Diego, US

Keywords: silicidation, germanidation, nanowire, heterogenous nucleation


In the pursuit of realizing sub-10 nm transistor channel lengths in homogenous and heterostructured materials, nanoscale defects and hetero-interfaces can significantly impact the formation of alloyed metal contacts conventionally used in CMOS devices. At ultra-scaled device dimensions, a single stacking fault, twin or grain can dominate the physical properties of the material and can exclusively take over the material’s solid-state reactions. We utilize in-situ transmission electron microscopy to unveil new observations on the detailed formation of such alloys and interfaces at an atomic scale by capturing single nucleation events during the reaction of Ni with Si, Ge and Ge/Si core/shell nanowires (NWs) and assess their resultant transistor performance with channel lengths as short as 17 nm.