Innovation in Fluid Separation Technologies for Oil & Gas

N. Krishnamurthy
Lux Research, US

Keywords: membrane, gas, water, separation, innovation, oil & gas


For decades, fluid separation technologies have been applied to water treatment, gas cleaning, and recovery of solvents, metals, and other precious elements. Innovations in higher flux, lower energy usage, lower maintenance/replacement costs, and other operational improvements have been advanced by newer materials and manufacturing technologies. What are the current areas of research into separation technologies, and how would one characterize our ability to commercialize these innovations? What is the current state of separation technologies in oil & gas? Where are advanced separation technologies used and why? Is the industry open to adopting innovation in separation technologies, and if so, what are the needs and challenges that the industry faces on its adoption curve? While separation technologies are typically equated with separation of solute from water via membranes, we will offer a commentary on technologies that are being developed in gas phase separation – an area of interest as natural gas strives for a bigger proportion of our energy mix. The discussion will end with a preview of startups that are driving the separation technology innovations of interest to participants in oil & gas.