Study on the Composite with Sequential and Sustained Release of Multiple Growth Factors for Bone Repair

Y. Liao, T-Y Liu
Institute of Biomedical Engineering, National Yang-Ming University, TW

Keywords: injectable hydrogel, microsphere, growth factor, sequential release, sustained release, bone repair, bone tissue engineering


In this study, a PLGA/PVA microsphere and a chitosan-based hydrogel loading FITC were prepared to be a composite. The encapsulation of FITC in PLGA/PVA microspheres and the bonding of crosslink in chitosan-based hydrogel were confirmed. The composite succeeded in sequential and sustained release and achieved a high cell viability. Most importantly, the composite could be applied through an injectable style, which accommodates to clinical use. This composite can then be applied to encapsulate and release multiple growth factors for bone repair and bone tissue engineering.