Optimizing Tool Life In Turning Operation Using Taguchi Technique And ANOVA

E. Anawa
Benghazi University, LY

Keywords: turning operation, surface roughness, mathematical model, ANOVA, Taguchi technique


The aim of this paper is to obtain an optimal setting of Turning parameters (Cutting speed, Depth of Cut and Feed) which results in an optimal rate of Tool Life while machining low alloy steel ( DIN: 42CrMo4) with a titanium based cemented carbide Inserts (CT 525). Several statistical and mathematical modelling techniques have been used to generate models including Genetic Algorithm, Response Surface Methodology. In this study, an attempt has been made to generate a model to predict Tool Life using regression and Taguchi techniques. Also an attempt has been made to optimize the process parameters using Taguchi Technique. Confirmation experiments were carried out for evaluated the developed model and the error were calculated. S/N ratio and ANOVA analysis were also performed to obtain significant factors influencing Tool Life.