Nanosensors: Tools for Achieving Sustainable Nanotechnology

O. Sadik
State University of New York - Binghamton, US

Keywords: nanosensors


Nanotechnology is creating new discoveries in areas such as medicine, automotive, energy, agriculture, remediation, consumer products and the entertainment industry. Central to the core of sustainable nanotechnology is the need to develop characterization parameters, metrological tools, novel instrumentation, and protocols that can provide information on the interactions of engineered nanomaterials with biological and environmental systems. Conventional methods for assessing these parameters focus on the size distribution and effects. They are however unsuitable for the detection and quantification in complex matrices. In this presentation, I will identify the research drivers, and the challenges of developing new tools as nanotechnology transitions from the research laboratories to consumer products. I will present the design and implementation of nanosensors developed from our group for environmental and other applications.