Development of rapid synthesis and characterization platform for advanced materials discovery

T.Y.J. Han, S.E. Baker, T.Y. Olson, F. Qian, M. Shusteff
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, US

Keywords: nanoparticles, Copper Oxide, Au, synthesis, micro-reactor, morphology, size control


We are developing a continuous flow μ-reactor system(μ-reactor) to shorten the discovery and production timeline of advanced materials. μ-reactor system is a high-throughput method for material synthesis and discovery that can profoundly change the way feedstock materials for various applications and industries are developed and manufactured. By combining in-situ characterization tools with continuous flow μ-reactor system, we aim to accelerate materials discovery and manufacturing processes, while optimizing the reproducibility and yield of the desired materials. We have targeted the synthesis of Cu2O nanoparticles as well as metal nanoparticles to create various sizes and morphologies. By dynamically tuning the reaction parameters in real-time, we can control the final product sizes as well as morphologies, which can be critical in their applications. In this presentation, I will discuss the develop of the μ-reactor system as well of nanomaterials synthesized and their applications.