Ultrafast Integrated Humidity and Temperature Sensor Based on Carbon Nanotubes, and a Sensor Controller System

V. Kayastha, S. Gibbons, R. Giedd
Brewer Science, Inc., US

Keywords: sensor, humidity, temperature, carbon nanotubes, sensor controller


A flexible, resistive-type, integrated humidity and temperature sensor that is made of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) will be presented. The sensor resolution is ~1% for relative humidity and <0.5°C for temperature. The sensor response and settling times are 50 ms and 2 ms respectively, which are more than 100 times and more than 10 times faster than existing state-of-the-art capacitive-type sensors. The humidity-sensing component of the sensor is also highly sensitive to human breathing. In addition, a sensor controller system, integrated with the sensor, will be presented. The controller system has two decoupled outputs for direct, high-speed measurements of relative humidity and temperature and is capable of direct measurement of absolute humidity. Sensor interchangeability makes the system a versatile platform to sense multiple analytes. The system implements various wireless technology and operating systems.