Measurement methods and approaches for studying silver nanomaterial release

R.I. MacCuspie
Florida Polytechnic University, US

Keywords: nanoparticles, release, silver


Silver nanoparticles have been incorporated into consumer products for several years, with continued growth predicted. Increasing manufacture and use of nanosilver products has sparked increased interest in measuring whether release of silver nanoparticles from products occurs. Silver nanoparticles present unique challenges due to their many potential physico-chemical transformations that can occur at varying rates. This talk will present an overview of potential measurement instrumentation that can be used to study silver nanoparticles that may have been released from a product. Common instruments for measuring the size and dissolution rates of silver nanoparticles will be discussed. Additionally, an overview of the numerous potential physico-chemical transformation pathways before and after release will be presented, with an attempt to understand when transformations of released silver nanoparticles may be part of a cycle, such as dissolution into silver ions and reduction into new particles or dynamic adsorption and desorption of ligands, and when transformations may be non-reversible, such as aggregation.