Voltage controlled and enhanced ethanol production

S.-T. Yau
Cleveland State University, US

Keywords: ethanol production, glucose fermentation


An electrostatic method to control and enhance the production of ethanol from glucose is available. The application of an electrical voltage to yeast-induced fermentation of glucose at room-temperature can be used to achieve accelerated production of ethanol. Under the influence of the voltage, the fermentation produces ethanol to reach the 12-14% vol. range of maximum concentration in 13 hours or less. The enhanced rate of production has been demonstrated with 1 liter glucose solution samples. The result is to be compared to that of the conventional ethanol fermentation, which is performed at 30-32 °C and takes 40 – 80 hours to complete. The method will enhance the production of ethanol by reducing the fermentation time and the extra energy used to keep the temperature at 30-32 °C. The method shows the potential of eliminating the use of the propagation tank employed to activate and grow yeast in the standard ethanol production. This will save time and lower the cost.