Unlocking the potential of CO2 conversion to fuels and chemicals as an economically viable route to CCR

R. Masel, R. Ni, Z. Lu, Q. Chen, L. Nereng, D. Lutz, K. Lewinski
Dioxide Materials, US

Keywords: carbon dioxide utilization, carbon dioxide as a feedstock for chemicals


CO2 conversion to fuels and chemicals has the potential to treat hundreds of millions of tons of CO2 annually, but so far, the process has never been economic. This paper will consider a new process for carbon capture and recycling where CO2 is captured, and subsequently converted to fuels and chemicals using a low temperature, low pressure, electrochemical process running on renewable energy. The process uses a novel catalyst system that substantially lowers to energy needed to convert CO2 to useful products, The key advantage of the process is that it offers a potential economic route for CO2 conversion to high value chemicals. Preliminary cost modeling indicates that the process is likely to be economic at current CO2 separation costs ($60/MT) even in the absence of carbon credits.